Articles on the Alt-Right Having Pictures of the KKK – How Long will This be a Thing?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2017

Newsweek has an article up about how Gab banned weev.

It’s a weird article, celebrating censorship at the same time praising Gab as a place for Nazis to go and have no reach for their hate. Weird, weird article.

But what I wanted to talk about with relation to this article is the pictures they used.


These are the types of pictures they use in every article about the Alt-Right.

The most popular one, which the SPLC uses nonstop and every other media outlet follows suit, is this one:

And of course, after Charlottesville, they all focused in on the one guy there that had a swastika flag:

The reason that the SPLC and the media are trying to force meme these as our aesthetics is because they know they are dead-end aesthetics.

No normal person is going to be moved by literal KKK Neo-Nazism as a street movement.

The main reason is that it is not cool. It is also alien-looking.

I have argued, very strongly, that we need to have an aesthetic that is hip and cool, and which is not connected to this 1980s image of “KKK Neo-Nazis.”

At this point in our movement’s development, everyone who is going to be moved by ideas is already on-board. Now, everything is about image.

We need to focus on image, first and foremost, as we move onto the streets.

We need to not let the Jewish media force-meme our aesthetics.