Assad: “Maybe Jews Should Chill, What with These New Cannons I be Packing”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2018

Wat nigga wat.

The headline is not a direct translation.

But it catches the spirit of the thing.


Israel has been advised to think twice before attacking Syria again, now that Damascus is being equipped with S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems, the country’s deputy foreign minister has said.

Faisal Mekdad stated on Tuesday that the Russian-made S-300 systems will act as a persuasive deterrent to any further Israeli attacks against Syria – while emphasizing that the air-defense systems would be used only if Syria was attacked.

“Israel, which got used to carrying out many attacks under different pretexts, would have to recalculate and reconsider before attacking again,” Mekdad told Xinhua news agency. “Let the Israelis try [to attack] and we will defend ourselves as we have done before.”

Moscow announced on Monday that it would deliver S-300 systems to Damascus within two weeks, after a Russian Ilyushin-20 reconnaissance aircraft was mistakenly downed by the Syrian military, which was attempting to repel an Israeli missile attack in Latakia province in northwestern Syria. As a result, all 15 Russian airmen on board the craft were killed. Moscow claims that Israel failed to inform Russia of the impending attack, and that Israeli F-16 jets used the large reconnaissance plane as cover against Syrian air defenses.

Bibi begged Putin not to give these weapons to Assad, and Putin eventually agreed, on the condition that Israel would be cool.

Israel did not act cool. They acted deranged, and purposefully downed a Russian plane.

They’ve been bombing Syria a long, long time.

And now Syria has the ability to shoot back.

As I said yesterday, the situation is shocking to me. Putin, like Trump, appears to just keep getting stronger and stronger.

As those who read me know, I don’t really view either of these people as being primarily individual personalities. They are personalities (Trump much more so than Putin), but their role in the cosmic scheme of things is to embody the will of the people of their respective nations. And as the will of America and Russia get stronger, so too do the powers of these two men.

That is what I try to explain about Trump supporting Israel. The reason that he does it is because lunatic evangelicals make-up a significant portion of his base. There is nothing he can do about that. If he is a figure upon which the will of the people is projected and enacted, then what can he do about the fact that a significant portion of what is being projected onto him is kook evangelical support for the Jewish terror regime?

It is our duty as the people to get our fellow countrymen to stop supporting this evil entity. He is simply enacting the will of the people. We have to influence the people to stop believing that the most evil group on the planet are “God’s Chosen People,” at which point he will stop defending them.

He has no personal stake in any of this. His only personal stake is to be a great leader. This is a man who eats his personal steaks well done. Seriously, he goes into expensive steak houses and orders expensive steaks and tells the chef “cook it well done.” He is not a man with a complex political agenda, other than to do what the people he represents want him to do.

He can guide them, based on his own intuition and information and ideas he is able to gather from various sources, but he can’t outright deny their will. And right now, like it or not, there is an extreme amount of support for Israel among a large percentage of his base.

Obviously, I do not like that.

Which is why I am working to change it.

The biggest agenda I have with this site is to show normie conservatives – as well as generally apolitical people, in particular youths – that all of the things that they are naturally against are the result of Jewish influence in this country.

I am doing my best.

But until you do not have 87% of Republicans supporting Israel, expecting Trump to DIRECTLY go against them is idiotic. Sorry. It’s just fucking childish and stupid, and you sound like a retard saying it.

Them’s the facts of life, kid.