Assange Responds to “Embarrassing” ODNI Report on Russian Haxxor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

“Embarrassing” is definitely the word for this nonsense.

I am embarrassed for my country.

At the very least they should have gone ahead and faked something, after all of that build-up.

We have to purge the intelligence agencies.


During a press conference Monday, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange criticized the recent ODNI report describing it as “quite embarrassing to the reputations of the US intelligence services.”

Assange answered questions submitted via #AskWL on Twitter for over an hour, which was streamed live via Periscope from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

He described the ODNI’s report as containing “zero evidentiary weight” and being “deliberately political.”

Asked about the source of the leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta Assange denied it was a state

“If our sources were a state we would have a lot less concern in attempting to protect them,” he said, adding that he would not provide additional information as this could lead to their identification.

“Take the data now, keep it under your bed or with your mother. You can give it to WikiLeaks,” Assange said, encouraging members of the Obama administration to prevent information being destroyed before he leaves office.

Keeping it with mom doesn’t really sound safe, Julian…

He denied that WikiLeaks posessed information from the Republican National Committee which they refused to publish, calling the claim “false.”

Assange said he believed that whistleblowers would continue to be persecuted under Trump’s administration, saying “No system of authority likes those who undermine their authority.”

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) unclassified findings report released Friday has drawn much criticism and mockery for its apparent lack of evidence and its substantial padding with outdated details about RT.

Among critics was former CIA analyst Larry C Johnson who described the report as a “farce” and a “charade,” claiming Hillary Clinton was effective in discrediting herself, without needing the help of Russia.

“I don’t think they’re hiding anything because they don’t have anything,” Johnson told RT. “These are ‘or and how’ intelligence estimates as opposed to an intelligence analysis based on fact. There’s no fact underlying this. There are analytical assumptions.”

“You can tell that because whenever they use the language like ‘we assess that’ or ‘we believe that’ or ‘it’s likely that’,” he added. “That means they don’t know, because if you knew, you could say … in public ‘according to multiple sources we know that.’ You state facts.”

The report states the Russian government is behind the ‘DC Leaks’ website and Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0, who released emails from the DNC and other Democrats.

While the report does state that Russians didn’t meddle with voter tallies to influence the results of the election, it claims that the Russian government smeared Clinton.

While the report states the CIA and FBI have “high confidence” the hacks were ordered to help Trump. The NSA, who deals in signals intelligence over human intelligence, have “moderate confidence.”

The report also cites Russian politicians celebrating Trump’s win as further evidence. It does not, however, draw the same conclusions about the Israeli government’s delight at Trump’s victory.

That’s the funniest part.

Why would they not celebrate the victory of a candidate who doesn’t want a war with them over a candidate who does want a war with them?

Even including that in the report shows what a joke it is. Though the whole thing shows what a joke it is.


But it sure is great that Trump won’t go along with it.

People on his team – such as Prebius, for sure, and Woolsey, who quit over this apparently – have obviously been pushing him to just go along with it, because as President you’re obligated to go along with various nonsensical lies, but he just isn’t doing it.