Assemble, Trolls: It’s Time to Raid Jonestown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2016


Good news, everyone: it’s infowars raid time!

Our previous raids on Alex Jones’, which took place last year and were entitled “Operation: Jew Wife,” were intensely successful. They resulted in Jones interviewing David Duke and being totally unable to answer anything he was saying. He then tried to memory-hole the interview, deleting it from YouTube.

He eventually accused Duke of being a shapeshifting wolf.

Rob Jacobson provided Israeli Jew News Time with this screenshot of the Duke transformation.

Our influence also resulted in him being forced to abandon his idiot conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is a plant to help Hillary Clinton beat Rand Paul. Jones eventually interviewed Trump, wherein he praised him (though he is also continuing to praise Ted Cruz and other enemies of America).

Still, not a day goes by that Alex Jones fails to insult Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. He constantly shills for Jews and Jew agents. He also spreads idiot conspiracy theories – chemtrails, FEMA camps, German Death Cult, etc. – intended to confuse people on purpose and get them to buy his idiot products, which include $500 penis juice.


The Globalist New World Order Death Cult has declared war on your erection!

Jones also endorses Black people, and tried to incite Blacks to murder Whites at the Ferguson protests, apparently believing he could become a Charles Manson-type leader in the Helter Skelter.

Even while he encourages Blacks to murder Whites, he also claims race does not exist.

He has a Black reporter, Jakari Jackson.


His huge-breasted White female reporter, Leeann McAdoo, is involved in a sex relationship with a monkey.


Completing the multicultural love circle, his producer, Rob Jacobson, is a kike.


So, regardless of any overlap we may have on certain issues, Jones is an enemy of the people, and needs to either switch sides or be destroyed.

Note that Jones’ other reporter, Paul “Joseph Mengele” Watson, is a Neo-Nazi plant. I have long been encouraging Watson – who I speak with several times a week – to come out and take over the infowars operation through force. Watson says he is biding his time. However, feel free to call him out in your trolling.

Goals of the Operation

Whereas the goal of our recent NRO raids was simply to mock and demoralize these cuck fags, this operation will have a slightly different slant: we want to recruit Alex Jones’ followers to our cause: Nazism and virulent anti-Semitism.


These are a lot of young people, and they are open to different ideas. So spread the message and try to get people on-board. Post links to DS.

Besides spreading a serious message, you can also feel free to shitpost and spam. At the height of the NRO raids, we were making 40 posts per second. Chaos is always our friend. We want this to be a spectacle, where Alex’s readers are awed by our power and interested in finding out who we are and what we’re about.

At the same time as gaining converts, we wish to put Jones between a rock and a hard place, where he is forced to address our points. Last time, he flipped out and threatened to have my wife raped by cops. He is an emotional unstable person, and his attempts to attack us will always backfire, because he is lying – but he has no choice, because we can completely control his comments section.

Jones can join us or he can go down. There is no third option.

daily stormer alex jones

Infowars uses disqus, so you can make infinity accounts very easily. Same deal as NRO.

Just post on whatever the top articles are. You’re going to have a lot of friends there.

Make sure you have a VPN or Tor set-up (instructions), as they may go to IP banning. They also may try to block words – last time they blocked “Jew wife.” If you find words are blocked, let others know in the discussion thread (comments section of this article).

By the way, Jones is now divorced from his Jew wife. Just a fun fact there – but it also means he has more room to break free from the Jew agenda if he so wishes.

This will be called Operation Jonestein.

The official raid, which is being coordinated with TRS and /pol/ starts at 19:00 EST – about 4 hours from time of writing. But feel free to hit these bastards early, and get the party started.

We’re gonna keep this going for at least 72 hours, full-force. So hit it up whenever you’ve got a free moment, and see all your friends there.


Take screenshots, post them in this thread. Funniest posts will get reposted on the front page.

And have fun.

Because this isn’t our revolution if we can’t lol.


You have your orders.


Hail Victory.