At Least 25 Caravan Invaders Die in Mexico Truck Accident

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

Caravans are still a thing. The invasion hasn’t stopped and Trump’s “we need more people” comments may encourage further incursions.

But not everything is dark and gloomy.

A truck carrying some of these “migrants” has overturned, resulting in the deaths of at least 25 Mordorlings.


Authorities in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas say at least 25 Central American migrants died when the truck they were traveling in overturned.

In a statement, Guatemala’s foreign ministry said 23 of those killed were Guatemalan migrants.

Chiapas is the historic entry point for Central Americans arriving in Mexico from the neighboring country.

The normal migratory flow has attracted additional attention recently with the arrival of several large migrant caravans from Central America during the past year.

I guess you could say their caravan journey is off to a rough start.

At first they were like:

But then they were like:

The brave truck sacrificed itself to prevent these evil orcs from reaching our land.

Not all heroes are organic.

Some heroes have wheels, and some heroes have yet to be built.

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