At Least Trump Bitched Out DHS Bitch on the Border – “We Need to Shut It Down! We’re Closed!”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

All of that Middle East bullshit aside, Trump does appear to be genuinely trying to fix the border.

But who will help him bake this bread?

Not the useless sloppy skank Kirstjen Nielsen. She just wants to drink cheap liquor, dance around and get fucked.

Absolutely worthless.

These are NYT leaks, so take it with a grain of salt as always, but it rings true and it seems like something Trump would tell someone to leak. Or Stephen Miller would leak it.

Washington Post:

President Trump berated Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a dispiriting Cabinet meeting on immigration Wednesday, according to three administration officials, but her colleagues denied reports that she has threatened to quit.

Trump lashed out at his Cabinet, and Nielsen in particular, when told that the number of people arrested for illegally crossing the Mexico border topped 50,000 for the second consecutive month. The blowup lasted more than 30 minutes, according to a person with knowledge of what transpired, as Trump’s face reddened and he raised his voice, saying Nielsen needed to “close down” the border.

“Why don’t you have solutions? How is this still happening?” he said, adding later, “We need to shut it down. We’re closed.”

Administration officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to provide a candid account of the private meeting.

Trump’s tirade went on so long that many present began fidgeting in their seats and flashing grimaces, White House aides said.

Nielsen battled back, one person said, telling Trump that laws limit some of what she could do to block the flow of undocumented immigrants. Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended her, saying the administration was looking for new ways to deter illegal crossings.

Mostly, though, Nielsen struggled to get a word in, said one senior official.

Fuck all of these failed people.

They are all useless.

What exactly is keeping Trump from appointing like, Hulk Hogan as head of DHS?

Sylvester Stallone as Attorney General.

And Mel Gibson as Secretary of State.

Get Bruce Willis, Chris Rock and Tom Brady in there someplace.

Just fill the whole place up with right-wing celebrities.

Well, of course it is the confirmation process and this shit Congress.

Trump has been forced to surround himself with useless swamp shit because of this confirmation process – which Nielsen sailed through easier than any other nominee in total, I’m pretty sure.

Anyway, fuck this whore.

She should go work at a strip club or Waffle House or something.

The idea that it is simply impossible to enforce existing laws is idiotic. Everyone knows that isn’t true. And of course Sessions wants to play Southern Gentleman to the lady – also conveniently defending the coalition of the worthless donothings that he himself is the chieftain of.


If it was not for these people, at least we would be doing something about immigration. And if he was winning harder there, maybe the foreign policy stuff would also be better somehow.

But we’ve got even more shitty people coming in and nothing is happening and if we get buried in the midterms that’s game over. Trump gets impeached, Pence starts a world war.

This is do or die time and no one appears to be treating it that way.