Auburn Erectus Sentenced to Life for Homicide of White Teen

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

Demarcus Giddens.

I don’t know why people regard sending a negro to prison as “justice.” It just means that the victim’s family will spend the remainder of their lives paying for his upkeep via taxes.

In a sane world, “justice” would mean handing the victim’s father a loaded firearm and letting him send the baboon straight back to hell.


Tears and anticipation filled the courtroom as the family of Arnold High School student Ian Price waited to hear if justice would be served for the death of their son.

Demarcus Giddens shot and killed Price in August of last year. Price was shot while he was trying to help a friend who was allegedly being robbed by Giddens and two others.

After hearing from the Price family and hearing a brief apology from Giddens, Judge Michael Overstreet announced that Giddens will serve life in prison without parole.

It’s an outcome Price’s mother says gives her some relief, but she says the pain of losing her son remains for many.

“Justice was served for the death of my son, my precious son. However, there were more than just our lives ruined, there were lives ruined everywhere, more than my own and my son and my husband, our family, our friends, even the families of the convicted,” Ian’s mom Lora Schoonover said.

The two others who accompanied Giddens in the August 2017 shooting in Panama City Beach were Gertavious Canada and Rodney Jones.

Ian Price.