Audio Released of Steve King Calling Caravan Invaders “Dirt”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2018

He’s got my vote. Oh wait, he already won his reelection.

You can count on Steve King to cut to the core of any issue. We all remember how he explained why mass immigration is stupid with one masterful tweet:

Of course, all the cucks threw a fit back then at this simple and obviously truthful statement.

In fact, a quick browse of our Steve King related stories will show that the man has always been on the right side of pretty much any issue.

The result is that the cucks lost their elections, while Steve King won.

Now Jews and cucks are once again mounting an attack against the King because of some totally factual statement he made.

Washington Post:

Rep. Steve King, the newly reelected Iowa Republican with a history of incendiary comments about race and immigration, dared a conservative magazine to show evidence that he had called immigrants “dirt.”

“Just release the full tape,” King, who eked out a victory last week despite affiliations with white nationalists, told the Weekly Standard’s online managing editor Saturday on Twitter. Days earlier, the magazine reported that King had made an inflammatory joke about immigrants.

The Weekly Standard released the recording — a two-minute audio in which King can be heard bantering with a handful of supporters at the back of an Iowa restaurant during a campaign stop on Nov. 5, the magazine reported. He talked about pheasant hunting and his “patented pheasant noodle soup” sprinkled with whole jalapeño peppers he had grown himself. Around the 1:20 mark, King joked that he’d have to get some “dirt from Mexico” to grow his next batch of peppers because they didn’t have enough bite.

Mmmh, pheasant noodle soup. This guy knows his stuff.

“Trust me, it’s already on its way,” a woman quipped, appearing to refer to the caravan of Central American migrants traveling from Mexico to the U.S. border.

King engaged, saying: “Well, yeah, there’s plenty of dirt. It’s coming from the West Coast, too. And a lot of other places, besides. This is the most dirt we’ve ever seen.”

The following day, on Election Day, Weekly Standard assistant opinion editor Adam Rubenstein, who was covering the campaign event and has been critical of King, published an article about the conversation. It included a transcript but not the audio.

Mmmh, why is a supposedly conservative newspaper like the Weekly Standard publishing articles with the obvious intent of harming conservative politicians?

Could it have something to do with the fact that this paper is staffed by people with names like “Rubenstein?”

In a statement to The Washington Post on Monday evening, Sarah Stevens, King’s chief of staff, accused the Weekly Standard of misrepresenting the congressman’s comments and conjuring a false story. Stevens said the congressman believed the supporter was referring to dirt coming from the “leftist media,” not immigrants. In response to the supporter, King repeated similar comments he had been making during the campaign — that the “leftist media” and liberal multibillionaires from coastal states were trying to smear him, Stevens said.

Basically, these kikes are whining that Steve King is calling these worthless illegal caravan invaders “dirt” – but they never actually try to make an argument for why these people aren’t dirt.

They would obviously find it very difficult to make such an argument.

How is this not dirt?

In fact, calling these people dirt is quite generous. Dirt is, in fact, quite a useful substance, used to grow most of our food. Illegal immigrants just kill, loot and rape our nation – and they litter, too.

If Mexico dumped a million tons of literal Mexican dirt on us, we’d be much better off.

Nothing wrong with actual Mexican dirt tbh.

So these people are, in reality, much worse than dirt. If anything, Steve King is too kind and gentle in his characterization of the brown flood coming in.