Australia: Haji Hater Hanson Elected as Senator

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2016

Pauline “Blast Away Every Mosque” Hanson. What’s with all these right-wing parties with women as leaders? I thought this was 2016…

As the tides are changing and nationalist sentiment grows stronger everywhere in the west, we’re starting to see it being reflected in election results.

Parties that were previously confined to the margins now occupy center stage, as in Austria. And new, more hardcore ideas are being introduced and accepted.


Senator-elect and leader of Australia’s right-wing One Nation party Pauline Hanson warned of “terrorism on our streets” at a press conference in Brisbane on Monday, and said that Australians feared their suburbs and agricultural lands are being “swamped by Asians,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The platform of the One Nation party — which could potentially win more seats as votes are still being counted — calls for a ban on Muslim immigration, a halt to the erection of mosques, and increased surveillance of existing mosques and Muslim schools.

I haven’t read their party platform, so I’ll have to assume they forgot to include something about “deporting every last Paki, Chink and Towelhead we can find and isolating Abos in wildlife reserves.”


No, but seriously, put these creatures in wildlife reserves, Australia.

“You can’t deny the fact that in these mosques they have been known to preach hate towards us. Is that a society that we want to live in?” she said, according to the Herald. “I don’t believe it is … Do you want to see terrorism on our streets here? Do you want to see our Australians murdered?”

Yeah, this is good stuff. Now we need a bad ass alpha male to be saying these things.

australia trump knife

Nah, that’s not a  Fuhrer. Now THIS is a Fuhrer!

In response, Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane warned that Hanson’s comments could precipitate into hatred and violence.

If there’s hatred and violence, it’ll be the fault liberal retards like you who’ve brought these foreigners here in the first place. Whenever different groups are forced to share the same space, a struggle for dominance is inevitable. Did these drooling fools think we’d all get along if we just tried hard enough?

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