Australia: Non-White Arrested for Putting Needles in Strawberries

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2018

I am absolutely shocked that diversity lead to something bad again.


A farm supervisor who allegedly put needles in strawberries did so out of spite, a Brisbane court has heard.

My Ut Trinh, 50, will remain in custody after her lawyer withdrew an application for bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

She was arrested in Brisbane on Sunday, two months after Queensland Police fronted the media to warn about punnets being contaminated with needles.

This thing is literally the ugliest south-east Asian woman (assuming it’s not actually a tranny) I’ve ever seen.

“Woman” LOL

Ms Trinh worked as a supervisor at the Berry Licious farm, but her lawyer said she did not work picking strawberries or in the packing sheds.

The court heard the woman was allegedly acting out of spite and that it was an act of sabotage.

“She has embarked on a course over several months of putting a metal object into fruit.”

Prosecutor Cheryl Tesch opposed bail as there was “an unacceptable risk of witnesses being interfered with”.


They should be sabotaged – not for whatever reason this rice monkey did it, but for hiring rice monkeys and destroying their own country just because they wanted to add a few points to their profit margin.

The prosecution told the court the woman should also be kept behind bars for her own safety.

“There may be retribution from people seeking to locate her,” Prosecutor Tesch said.

However, Mr Cridland said there had been no evidence of direct threats towards his client.


Police have charged Ms Trinh with seven counts of contamination of goods with intent to cause economic loss.

The offence normally carries a three-year maximum penalty.

However, police allege there is a circumstance of “aggravation”, meaning the maximum jail term is increased to 10 years.

Wow… So there really is a White country with reasonably functional justice system out there.

In most of Europe, she would’ve gotten an apology for being a victim of racism.

Sixty-eight strawberry brands were affected, including 49 in Queensland.

The contamination scares resulted in supermarkets pulling strawberries off the shelves, and tonnes of the fruit was dumped at the peak of the growing season.

Suncoast Harvest managing director Di West said her business had to leave more than one million punnets of strawberries on the ground, after the original and a number of copycat cases sent prices crashing.

“We had to finish our season very early, by nearly six weeks, in our peak season because of the crisis in September,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“We had at least a million punnets of strawberries out there and we had to cease production straight away.

“There was so much copycatting and pranking going on that other farms, including ours, was being dragged into it.”

“I had two separate agronomists tell us we had lost $1 million worth of fruit and that meant that $300,000 or $400,000 of that would have gone to workers’ wages — and now that money hasn’t been spent in the local economy,” she said.

Ms West said Australian customers had been very supportive, but she feared the industry’s reputation had been damaged internationally.

I hope this happens again and you go bankrupt.

All these vermin who destroy their own countries for a short-term profit, and then have the nerve to call themselves “humanitarians” and “enlightened” and other gibberish deserve the worst.

And they’ll get it one day too.