Australia: School Accused of Discrimination After Expecting Jigaboos to Follow Uniform Policy

Daily Stormer
March 30, 2017

Heaven forbid you expect the black students to follow the uniform policy.

You can’t interact with these people on any level without being told you’re offending them or their fragile, savage culture.

The Age:

Last week, a teacher at Bentleigh Secondary College pulled the 16-year-old out of class and took her to a corridor, where her twin sister Tahbisa was waiting.

The students, who were born in South Sudan, were ordered to take out their braids by the weekend.

We were told that our hair doesn’t represent the school,” Grace says. “It was a real shock.

The twins have worn braids since they were babies and say their state school is attacking their African culture.

It’s not a problem and it doesn’t affect our education. They are asking us to look like everyone else,” Tahbisa said.

The students are refusing to take out their braids and have accused the school of discrimination.

The school tried to justify its position by saying that white students who have returned from holidays in Bali have also been asked to remove their braids or cornrows.

That’s different,” Tahbisa says. “That’s cultural appropriation.

They would know everything about cultural appropriation considering they commit the act every single day.

They wear a uniform created by white man, they use technology created by white man and then speak of cultural appropriation. It’s hilarious if you ask me.

And if we are going to let them start dictating what they will be wearing based off of culture, then how far will they be able to take it?

‘But it’s muh culture’

Let’s also laugh about the fact that the thing only thing they have going for them is their crappy hairstyle.

It’s a protective style. It looks good and it keeps our hair growing. Your hair is your crown, it is about embracing yourself, accepting yourself. It is part of our identity.

Bentleigh Secondary College principal Helene Hiotis said the request had nothing do with the students’ background.

Our school has a strict uniform policy that has been in place for 10 years and is regularly ratified by the school council,” she said.

The policy applies equally to all students. We are incredibly proud of our uniform policy which plays an important role in developing a positive and proud school culture.

These dindus want equality but when they’re given it they reject it.

They want to be treated special and don’t want the normal rules to apply to them.

You’d think they’d at least be grateful they are even attending a civil white school.

These are just entitled and don’t appreciate anything white man has done for them.

If they don’t like it they should feel free to wear their hairstyle all the way back to Sudan.

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