Australia: Wacky Hindu Suspected of Stalking, Killing White Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

Bhanu Kirkman.

We might have a wannabe serial killer on our hands here.

Given his ethnic makeup, though, I think “The Streetshitter” is a better name for him than “The Reaper.”

Daily Star:

Kristie Powell, 39, was found dead at her home yesterday morning lying next to her five-month-old son who was uninjured.

Cops have launched a murder probe as her wounds appeared to have been made by a sharp object.

It emerged that Kristie had told a friend on Facebook in March this year she was being harassed by an old employee who was mentally unwell and sending her more than 100 messages a day.

She wrote on Facebook: “I had an employee 2 years ago for only 4 months who became obsessed with me & for some reason he is still obsessed.

He calls himself the Reaper & thinks that he is way more important than he is.

The body of Ms Powell was found by a friend at her home in Wollongong near Sydney, Australia.

Police have released a photograph of a 29-year-old suspect Bhanu Kirkman in connection with the case.

Kristie Powell.