Australian Academic Says Pregnancy Can be Masculine After 22 Men Gave Birth Last Year

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

Pregnant man. You can see he’s a man because his hair is short and he’s dressed as a man.

Yes, goy, pregnancy can be masculine.

Dick sucking can be masculine too, just open your mind.

Daily Mail:

An Australian academic has said it can be ‘masculine’ to be pregnant as it was revealed 22 transgender men in the country gave birth last year.

Dr Lauren Rosewarne, a senior lecturer in social and political sciences at the University of Melbourne, made the comments in a debate about the figures, which were released by a government agency.

Dr Lauren Rosewarne

Rejecting a broadcaster’s claim that ‘having a baby challenges your very masculinity’, she replied: ‘Masculinity means different things to different people. I’m sure your masculinity is different to any other man in your office.’

Yeah, words just mean different things for different people, and this actually enhances communication because it makes everything more exciting, as you never know what people really mean.

It’s just so much richer and diverse this way.

The Australian government’s Medicare agency revealed 22 transgender men gave birth during the past financial year.

This made them among the 228 who had been pregnant during the past decade.

There were no recorded transgender men giving birth in the 16 years to June 2009, with only one case classified as ‘unknown’ in that time, in the Department of Human Services figures.

Responding to the figures, Dr Rosewarne also insisted someone who was biologically a woman could be male even without having had sex change surgery.

They may not have necessarily had an operation, but they now identify as male,’ she said.

‘For them, they consider their entire identity wrapped up in the identity of a male, therefore they refer as males.’

They may say they are males, but “male” means very different things to different people — just like “masculinity” — so you can’t really expect people to accept an arbitrary idea or meaning of “male.”

For most people, these are not transgender men but mentally ill women.

The academic also suggested society needed to adjust its idea of gender.

‘It is something culturally we have to think more about and it’s jarring for some people,’ Dr Rosewarne said.

‘Jarring is not a bad thing, we all have to adjust our way of thinking.’

‘It’s not just about what bits you have.’

Gender means different things to different people, doctor. Just like “masculinity.” Saying that society has to adjust its idea of gender is like telling someone that they have the wrong idea about masculinity. Who can say what’s the right idea, if everyone’s ideas are different? Who can say what’s the real meaning, if everything means different things for everyone?

Get up to speed with your own philosophy, doctor.

In the ocean world, the male seahorse carries the eggs from the female in its pouch and then gives birth.

The data was released as new BBC documentary Seahorse screens at the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival.

It profiles a 30-year-old British transgender man Freddy as he prepares to give birth to a son.

“You’re actually just like seahorses, goyim.”

There’s even a documentary about it.

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