Austrian Leader Kurz to Meet Putin for 4th Time

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018


The tide is turning on the Western Zio-Empire.

All right wing European parties are pro-Russia, because of the nature of the ideological differences inherent in the whole deal.

If Russia plays this right, they are going to have immense influence in Europe by simply being the friendly guy who is like “oh yeah sure, we can be friends even if you hate Moslems and/or faggots.”


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is set to meet President Vladimir Putin this week, their fourth meeting this year, displaying the pragmatic politics that are so badly needed right now in relations between Moscow and Europe.

Kurz is scheduled to make his second visit to Russia in less than a year and is expected to meet with Putin in St. Petersburg on Wednesday as part of a working trip. It will be the fourth meeting between the two leaders in less than nine months. Such frequent contacts have brought the already constructive and cordial relations between the two nations to a seemingly unprecedented level.

How these continue to improve might seem even more unusual against the backdrop of the ongoing cooling in relations between Moscow and the West, which has brought contacts between Russia and Europe to lows that are, at times, comparable with the Cold War era.

Austria’s distinct approach to dealing with Russia has, so far, stood in stark contrast to that of other Western European nations, and are a sign of its cherished political neutrality and non-ideological approach to foreign policy.

I suppose “non-ideological approach” is a good way of putting it.

Because being like “actually, we don’t think it is a good idea to turn the entirety of Europe into a bizarre social-engineering experiment by replacing huge portions of the population with Middle Eastern savages” is not really an ideological position.

You could have an ideological position against that – and hopefully these right-wing parties will start to develop one – but simply rejecting insane ideas is not an ideological act.

If someone says to you “hey, us and the guys are all going to hook our testicles up to car batteries and get a right-jolly jolt to the old walnuts – if you don’t come do this with us, you are evil and we will destroy you financially,” you saying “no, I’m not going to do that, regardless of what names you call me, and if you try to destroy me financially I will figure out a way to deal with that” is not an “ideological” response.

But in fact, we here begin speaking to the problem: the people pushing this shit are ideological, they truly believe in a globalist, mixed race future, whether they are Jews or duped goyim, and so opposing them on non-ideological grounds puts you in the much weaker position.

People driven by a religious fervor are always going to have an advantage over those who are just trying to chill.

So basically, just trying to chill isn’t an option anymore.

Russia has sort of put forward an ideology of supporting national self-determination for all nations which I think is about the best thing they can do. Though I’m not sure it’s especially powerful, they are at least following through with it – everyone in the Russian sphere of influence, including republics like Chechnya that are a part of the Russian nation, has autonomy.

But is that powerful enough? Or is it too close to “let’s just chill and not do anything crazy” to motivate most people?

Christendom was certainly powerful enough of an ideological motivator to hold thing together. But it appears that that dog has simply stopped hunting entirely.

Without a religion, or something that stands in place of a religion as a clear forward-looking ideological vision of a world to create… I don’t know where any of this can go.

I’m just throwing this out there, I’m not drawing any conclusions. I do know that “we have to save the white race” is not ever going to be enough of a motivator for people to make this happen.