Austrian Man Jailed for a Picture of a Nazi Cat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2016


Your standard Nazi cat.

Earlier this year, after a British man was arrested for having a Nazi dog, many people were like, “yeah, but where are the Nazi cats?”

Well friends, an Austrian man has found one.

And he’s been jailed for posting a picture of it.


A Salzburg court has found a 38-year-old Austrian man guilty of posting a selection of Nazi-inspired photos, many with allusions to gassing people, onto social media. One of the images featured a cat raising its right paw in the style of the German fascists.

The grand jury sentenced the man to 18 months, 15 months of which are suspended, for violating the Nazi Prohibition Act by repeatedly posting on the internet around 20 photos and related neo-Nazi slogans.

The daily described the images as “extreme right-wing propaganda,” and said they were spiced up by “cynical and dehumanizing slogans.”

“It is not so much about a single photo, but rather an impression of the overall context,” Markus Neher, the Attorney General, noted, APA news agency reported.

The defendant, whose name has not been revealed, pleaded guilty and apologized in court, reported.

A house search carried out by police also found items of clothing with Nazi symbols belonging to the man, including the numbers “88” (aka “HH”, an abbreviation for “Heil Hitler”).

The Austrian government may indeed be failed to keep asylum seeking terrorists from raping little boys and girls, but at least they’re dealing with the real threat – Nazi cat pictures on the internet.