Author of Anti-Trump Book Claims Trump is Aware of Who’s Jewish “In a Way That Feels Creepy”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2018

Trump has a Nazi personality.

I don’t mean that he is ideologically a National Socialist or an anti-Semite. But he has the temperament: he is direct, pragmatic and understands where politics are actually contested (power and passion, not arguments and reason).

Trump’s 2016 campaign is far more important than his mediocre (so far) presidency. He demonstrated that an unrelenting, consistent straight-talking personality can beat the Jews.

The author of the new anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury” claims that Trump knows who is Jewish and who isn’t, which isn’t especially surprising since he is like the only non-Jew billionaire in NYC real estate.

The Hill:

Michael Wolff, the author of a new book about President’s Trump White House, says Trump has a “creepy” ability to recognize who around him is Jewish.

“I think he’s aware of who is Jewish in a way that might give … that feels creepy,” Wolff told “MSNBC Live with Katy Tur.”

Tur had asked Wolff a series of questions about Trump, including whether or not he believes the president is an anti-Semite. Wolff said “yes” when asked if he believes Trump is sexist and racist.

When you know who is Jewish, you can anticipate their next move.

That’s what creeps Jews out.

Trump’s ability to perceive Jews is what leads him to engage in unpopular antics like the Syria strike, Israel appeasement or Iran protests. He does this whenever he feels he needs a lull in the perpetual barrage of negative press coverage and Washington sabotage. Most Americans have never seen such a concerted effort to stifle a presidency (at least not since Nixon).

I’m tempted to get black pilled on Trump. I don’t like any of the legislation the GOP has put through so far. America’s foreign policy right now is absolutely horrible neo-con crap, but this isn’t 2003. If the US’ military presence in Syria moves an inch in any direction it will be obliterated by the rising Iran-Russia-Turkey entente trying to contain ZOG.

Whenever I’m ready to drop him for good, the Don always finds a way to keep his base’s plate spinning. He’s not doing enough, but is doing the minimum.