Andrew Anglin

Trump Continues to Back Gooks in Anti-Affirmative Action Fight

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 31, 2018 Pictured: A gook who has just been denied admission to Harvard in favor of an 81 IQ nigger. Backing gooks was a brilliant way to attack affirmative action. Not simply because it elegantly maneuvers around accusations of racism, but because it would be hard to find a bunch of white people willing to ...

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Full Letter of Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop Who Called Out Anti-Pope Francis as Complicit in Homo Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 30, 2018 Okay so basically, an Archbishop – a very high-up figure in the Catholic Church – has called out the Anti-Pope Francis and most of the establishment of the Church as using the Church as a gigantic homosexual brothel. I mentioned the troubles surrounding this issue earlier this week, but feel it is worth ...

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