Automation: Lettuce-Peeling Robot Developed

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

Brown people are going to soon be obsolete.

The march of technological progress on the front of artificial intelligence and automation is making steady progress. Every week, things that were previously impossible are achieved by clever engineers.

And unfortunately for third-world shitholers, a large part of that innovation is squarely targeted at replacing brown people doing menial jobs with robots, rendering them totally pointless.

It’s hard to even imagine what the purpose of these brown people existing even is, let alone why we’d want them in our countries. But now, even the feeble excuses such as “but they do the jobs White people don’t want to do” will be totally relegated to the past.

What then?

The Verge:

There are lots of barriers to automating agricultural work. The cost of robots is one and the difficulty of integrating them into supply chains is another. But a particularly big stumbling block is just how clumsy machine labor can be. That’s why new research from Cambridge University showing a robot that can peel a lettuce is a small but significant step forward.

You have to remember that this sort of menial farm labor is one of the main forms of employment for beaners coming here, both legally and illegally.

Most farm work is already automated.

The only things for which these brown people are “needed” is for picking and handling crops that harvesting machines have a tough time with – like lettuce.

That’s changing fast, however.

Harvesting lettuces is time-consuming work. The vegetables grow close to the ground, have to be cut from their roots by hand, and the outer layers peeled off before packaging. There are automated solutions that help speed up this process up (one machines drops lettuce heads into bags; another cuts multiple heads at a time) but they only take care of part of the harvest. It still requires nimble human hands to do some of the work.

This new research from Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering shows that robots might take over soon though. In the video below, you can see a modified Sawyer bot picking the outer leaves off a head of lettuce. It’s slow but it does the job.

Poor Paco, your end is nigh.

Interestingly, unlike other work we’ve seen improving robot dexterity, this doesn’t rely on any research breakthroughs per se, but instead combines existing robotics and AI elements into a new pipeline. Machine vision algorithms are used to identify the stem of the lettuce; a robot arm nudges it into the correct position if its off-center; and a 3D-printed suction nozzle then peels off the outer layer of leaves.

The team behind the solution, which is described in an aptly named paper “Achieving Robotically Peeled Lettuce,” say this system could also work for other vegetables.

Yeah, once the basics are mastered for lettuce, one of the trickier crops to harvest, everything else will fall in line very quickly.

In fact, there’s already advances in robotically picking various fruits.

Apples, pears, citrus fruits and more.

Even tiny and fragile strawberries are now possible.

“Lettuce leaf peeling is an interesting robotics problem from an engineering perspective because the leaves are soft, they tear easily and the shape of the lettuce is never a given,” said Cambridge University’s Luca Scimeca in a press statement. “The computer vision we have developed, which lies at the heart of our lettuce peeling robot, can be applied to many other crops, such as cauliflower, where similar information would be required for the post-processing of the produce.”

This is all great, but obviously, automation isn’t even a requirement to get rid of all these brown people.

We could easily have a system where young people pick crops for a few years or whatever. It’d be time better spent than learning SJW bullshit in school, that’s for sure.

Otherwise, simply enforcing immigration rules would immediately make it so that salaries would rise, and suddenly White men would have no problem working in the agricultural sector. Obviously, no White guy is going to be interested in competing with Mexicans willing to pick fruit for $3 an hour or whatever it is they make.

But with automation, all these illegals will be good for is sit around collecting welfare checks. How the hell will this be justified?