Bad Goys Deface Holohoax Memorials in Russia and Estonia

Daily Stormer
September 3, 2016


Wow, deep stuff.

The reality is that basically no one in Russia cares about the Jew’s stupid holocaust hoax. In fact, if you ask random people about it, they’ll probably be like “holo-what? Is that some new brand of soap or something?”

There is something that Russians (and Eastern Europeans) do feel strongly about, though.

They sure hate the Jews.

Times of Israel:

Unidentified individuals vandalized Holocaust monuments in Russia and Estonia.

The Baltic country’s Jewish community last week reported the drawing of swastikas on the Holocaust monument of the city of Kalevi-Liiva, which lies 10 miles east of the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

“It is sad that such incidents are taking place in our country. It is hoped that this will not happen again,” the community wrote about the incident, which was discovered after Estonian National Day celebrations on August 20.

It’s sad that you Jews killed millions of Slavs, and hoaxed them out of all their wealth after the fall of the USSR. But that’s definitely not going to happen again.

Separately, a monument built near a mass grave of Jews murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust was smashed in the Russian district of Pskov, situated some 200 miles southeast of Kalevi-Liiva.

In January 1942, hundreds of Jews were shot to death by Germans at the site.

According to a report Thursday by the Russian news agency Interfax, the desecration in Pskov occurred sometimes between August 14 and August 29.

Police are investigating both incidents.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re searching frantically for Igor and Boris, who spray painted swastikas while wasted one night.

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Sasha getting right on that, after finish this drinking.