Baffling News Out of UK: Bloody Knife Fight in London

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2018

This can’t be happening. People are getting injured and dying in London of all places. 

Since they banned guns in London, this simply can’t be happening. And before any of you smart-alecks point out that this was a knife attack, I’d like to remind you that London banned knives as well.

So checkmate. This can’t be happening. I’m calling Fake News.


Two people have been injured and a man arrested following a reported knife fight between kitchen staff at Sony’s London HQ. Armed police were present at the scene and nearby buildings were evacuated.

Kitchen knife fight you say?

The Mirror reported that the incident was a ‘brutal knife fight between kitchen staff.’ Eyewitnesses spoke of seeing ‘blood everywhere,’ after one kitchen worker stabbed another with a large knife during a fight, the paper reported.

A witness told The Independent, who’s offices are opposite the scene, that he heard a “commotion” at around 11am coming from the third-floor canteen.

“I saw two guys who appeared to be fighting,” he added. “One man was on the floor on his back and the other one was standing over him.

“I thought he was raining punches down but I realised a few moments later that he was holding a large kitchen knife.”

Scotland Yard released a statement confirming that two people have been injured, although their condition remains unclear. It added that “one person has been arrested.”

It seems to me that we need to ban knives in the kitchens as well, no?

Or ban kitchens for that matter. They’re dangerous places where people get hurt. 

Now, London decided to treat this more seriously than usual because it happened in the posh downtown and not in the Lost Territories. 

They shut everything down.

Of course, I am almost certain that the hired help was brown. Or worse… Australian. 

Someone needs to do something about the Aussie menace in London.