Baltimore Celebrates Because Blacks Haven’t Committed a Murder in 11 Days

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2018

In any city that has a majority racial demographic of Negroes, the bar for success is very low. Take in point how people are celebrating in Baltimore because there hasn’t been a murder in the past 11 days.

Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore is at 11 days and counting without a homicide.

The streak is the longest since the 2015 unrest that saw a sharp and sustained spike in violence. And it coincides with the start of a 72-hour community-led “ceasefire” that kicked off Feb. 2.

“I am losing my mind thrilled,” said Baltimore Ceasefire organizer Erricka Bridgeford. For days, she said she’s been staying up until midnight, to see if the city has made it through another day without a killing.

“It’s really exciting,” she said. “Baltimore deserves this boost of love.”

If not killing one another for 11 days represents a major accomplishment, that does not speak well of the Negro race.

As of 2010, Baltimore’s population was 63 percent Black. It is safe to assume that this number is higher now.

The vast majority of murders and killings in Baltimore have been the result of Blacks killing each other. It’s not that much different than the situation in Chicago.

This streak without a murder is not going to continue much longer. We are in the middle of the winter season so there’s fewer of these savages roaming around the streets. Just wait until the weather gets warmer. When that happens, there will be all sorts of Negroes murdering each other.

And god forbid if the Jew-run media decides to rile them up over a racist White cop killing one of them. You’ll see Planet of the Apes if that happens. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again.