Baltimore Introduces Snitch Mobile

Stuff Black People Don’t Like
July 2, 2015

We already know black-elected decision makers in 65 percent black Baltimore are actually considering paying blacks not to kill one another as a remedy to stop the violence.  [Should Baltimore pay people to not kill each-other?, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2015]

Yes... this is a real car. 65 percent black Baltimore's "Homicide Vehicle"
Yes… this is a real car. 65 percent black Baltimore’s “Homicide Vehicle

We already know 65 percent black Baltimore is plagued with consistent fatal and nonfatal shootings because the bulk of the black citizens remain committed to the notion of “no-snitching” — displaying a loyalty to black criminality far greater than any duty to uphold the white man’s law. [Police hit streets with their answer to ‘Snitch’ DVD, Baltimore Sun, May 11, 2005]:

First came Stop Snitching, the DVD celebrating drug dealing, diamond-encrusted wristwatches, violence and witness intimidation in Baltimore. Yesterday, city police unveiled their sequel. As movie releases go, it was decidedly un-Hollywood.

Officers in bright blue windbreakers stood in the middle of high-crime East Baltimore, around the corner from a block with eight vacant homes, and handed out copies of the Police Department’s debut production, Keep Talking.

“The point,” said police spokesman Matt Jablow, “is to let the criminals know that we’re in charge, and to let the good people know we’re winning the fight.”

Mr. Jablow’s comments were made in 2005: after the events of April/May/June 2015, we know perfectly well the police are no longer in charge of Baltimore; the black mob, with full authority of the black-elected/appointed leadership, are in control.

Which is why the latest shadow boxing with reality is so… tragically funny. [City police encourage tips with new vehicle, Baltimore Sun, June 30, 2015]:

Baltimore Police and Metro Crime Stoppers officials unveiled a new “homicide vehicle” on Monday that they said will be used to encourage citizens to report crimes.

The Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle is outfitted with phone numbers for the police Homicide unit, Metro Crime Stoppers and the city’s Gun Bounty Program, which offers cash rewards for crime tips and recovered illegal firearms.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said his department is the first agency in the greater Baltimore area to have a “wrap vehicle” and that it will be present at most homicide scenes to encourage witnesses to assist law enforcement.

“We can’t do it by ourselves,” Batts said. We need your help.”

When a police department has to “hit the streets” to combat the scourge of a no-snitching culture permeating the black community, you know the city is on life support; when the same police department has to deploy a “homicide vehicle” to encourage black citizens to report, it’s time to pull the plug once and for all.

Most communities in America never tally a single homicide for the entire year; when one does occur, the individual committing the act is so mentally disturbed the entire community works together to lock him away for life.

In Baltimore, the black community works together to not only protect the identity of murderers/non-fatal shooters, but they also work together to produce a city where a “homicide vehicle” is necessary because of the immense number of homicides in need of investigating…

What little remains of the civilization whites once built (and subsequently abandoned) in Baltimore slips away each second passing into the Africa-style future for the city.

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