Bannon Boomer-Posts HARD on Nigel Farage’s Show

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

Bannon confuses me. He says a lot of interesting stuff – sometimes creeping up on white nationalism – but he really does seem to have a fetish for Jews and Jewish controlled-opposition.


Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has found himself at the center of a row with the political editor of the London radio station LBC, after the pair clashed live on-air over anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson.

In an on-air discussion hosted by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, political editor Theo Usherwood challenged Bannon on his belief that Tommy Robinson has “got to be released from prison.”

Usherwood said that Robinson, who is serving a 13-month sentence for breaching reporting restrictions on a court case by live-streaming men entering Leeds Crown Court on Facebook, deserved to be jailed because he “broke the law.” Bannon attempted to interject but Usherwood continued, telling the guest: “I’m calling you out on something…”

Bannon’s been hanging out in Europe, acting as a consulting revolutionary or something. That’s why he was on Farage’s show. Farage, by the way, said that he didn’t mind that Tommy was in prison.

Farage then attempted to move the conversation on by agreeing with his LBC colleague. “I take the view as well, that Tommy broke the law,” he said – but the the controversy would not end there.

Usherwood later tweeted about a lively and colourful exchange that took place after the show went off-air. Unhappy with the tone taken by the station’s political editor during the discussion, Bannon made his feelings plain.

“Don’t you f**king say you’re calling me out. You f**king liberal elite. Tommy Robinson is the backbone of this country,” he reportedly said. 


So, two things. I’m not sure if Farage is far less based than I’m giving him credit for by being all about “muh law and order” like a typical conservative cuck when one of his is arrested, or whether he’s actually smart enough to realize that it is indeed better for Tommy to be off the streets counter-signaling real nationalists.

Point two, Tommy Robinson or Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, is not the backbone of the UK. 

He’s a strange chav Jew-lover who goes out of his way to counter-signal nationalists and to promote his vision of a liberal race-blind British society…but without the conservative values of Islam.

I’m not denouncing the Tommy Revolution, mind you.

I fully understand that he’s become a focal point of hooligan resistance to the Moslem invaders, but this is because God has a sense of humor or something I guess, and because all the right people are attacking him.

When I heard about Tommy’s backstory as an anti-racist nationalist campaigner, I was like, “yeah Bannon is going to try and make this guy PM in the UK one day.”

Just to really stick it to the liberals, you see.

To get an Sargon-tier anti-racist “classical liberal” into office would really BTFO the Moslems, the Liberals AND the Far-Right.

That’s the Boomer Way. That’s Bannon’s masterplan.