Barack Obama and Eric Holder Officially Side with Ferguson Mob

Stuff Black People Don’t Like
November 20, 2014

How is this even a real thing?
How is this even a real thing?

‘Stay the course’ said President Obama to high-profile Ferguson protesters who met with him in a secret confab on November 5th.

‘Stay the course’.

What ‘course would this be, Mr. President?

A ‘course’ where, “we’re not going to get change in this society unless white people are just a little bit afraid.”

Perhaps a ‘course’ where the Attorney General of Department of Justice compares the not-so-gentle-giant Michael Brown to Emmet Till, stating, “The struggle must go on.”Would the mission of ‘stay the course’ be the same as discussing plans for those high-profile Ferguson protesters to “target white areas?

The myth of the majority of the black Ferguson protesters (emboldened by creepy online activists rebelling against a “system” completely on the side of supposed protesters, as outlined in this brilliant James Kirkpatrick piece) as being “peaceful” is immediately dispelled when you recall the man tasked with retrieving Brown’s body in the middle of the street was greeted with gunshots, an angry black mob, and forced to hide in his car for hours.

Calvin Whitaker, a funeral director charged with moving bodies in St. Louis County, has probably seen his fair share of horrific crime scenes courtesy of the low impulse control blacks display on a daily basis.

But what he encountered on August 9 started the course of events President Obama pleaded with protesters in that secret meeting to stay on and accentuates the reality of Holder’s “the struggle must go on,” comment.

Arriving at 2:25 p.m. to find a “tumultuous, angry crowd,” Whitaker and his wife related this scene:

“It was very hectic, you could cut the tension with a knife,” Whitaker tells Fox2Now. “Police could not control the crowd.”

At one point, Whitaker heard gunshots nearby, just as Jackson told reporters in the days after Brown’s shooting. Whitaker and his wife don’t carry bullet-proof vests, so police told them to “hunker down” in their car to keep safe. “There were times when we feared for our lives,” Whitaker says. He and his wife stayed in the car for two hours waiting for police to control the crowd. “It took so long because we could not do our job. It was unsafe for us to be there…There was nowhere for us to go.”

This was the moment where the ‘course’ was chartered for wherever the farce in Ferguson is headed, a final destination of which no one knows for sure.

In a city where the propensity for black males to wear their pants low prompted one black alderman to propose a bill fining these belt-less individuals $100 for every fashion fail, it should have been obvious one unfortunate encounter between a white police officer and black male would set off a chain of events beyond the control of logic or reason and into a realm where (with apologies to Arthur Conan Doyle), “once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Welcome to life in Bell Curve City.

St. Louis.

The probability a white police officer would encounter a black male engaged in some form of criminality and that this event would then end in questionable circumstances immediately causing hundreds of black people to storm out of their apartments and demand justice was actually quite high in St. Louis, considering how often white police arrest black males in the city.

And with Section 8 Vouchers redistributing the lower class black proles from downtown St. Louis into formerly all-white suburbs, it’s axiomatic white police in these cities will have more than their fair share of opportunities to become intimate with individual black criminals.

The extreme buildup of quasi-military machinery and weaponry in advance to the grand jury announcement of whether Darren Wilson will/or will not face charges for the death of Michael Brown is not unprecedented in St. Louis.

Back in 2011, the city of St. Louis Police Department unveiled a refitted Brinks Trunk to use as a crime deterrent. Far more hilarious than the “Pants Up, Don’t Loot” billboard put in Ferguson, the St. Louis Police Nuisance Abatement Vehicle’ represented an absolutely awesome force in trying to slow down the social capital destroying force known as the legitimate fear of black criminality:

Police are also planning to deploy the Armadillo in the U-City Loop,  if needed to quell unruly crowds.

“We can take the vehicle and park it right in the heart of the Loop in the city of St. Louis and if anything happens we have it right on video tape,” Spiess said, “So, it really gives us an advantage in that regard.”

Only one year later, a massive gathering of teens (media codeword for “blacks”) proved the necessity for the Nuisance Abatement Vehicle existence: 200 – 300 black youth, energized by the warm weather, congregated at the Delmar Loop and engaged in roving fights, punctuated by intermittent gunfire.

Though the trouble was brushed off as “an anomaly,” the mere fact the Nuisance Abatement Vehicle had been in the arsenal of the St. Louis Police for more than a year prior to the incident – to combat such an eventuality – showcases the black mob wasn’t an aberration.

The ‘course’ was set long before Darren Wilson pulled his SUV up to a stop next to a doped up Michael Brown and asked him to get out of the middle of the road.

The ‘course’ was set long before Officer Paul McCulloch was gunned down by a black criminal in the infamous Pruitt-Igoe Housing Complex in St. Louis, an incident which would prompt black leaders to call for his sons removal from the grand jury deciding the fate of Darren Wilson himself.

Perhaps even the fate of the civilization whites created in St. Louis…

The ‘course’ was set even before J.D. and Ethel Shelley tried to purchase the house on 4600 Labadie Avenue.

W.E.B. DuBois himself would be proud to see Eric Holder in the office of Attorney General, unrelenting his quest that, “The struggle must go on.”

For just as Union soldiers sang John Brown’s Body, those clinging to the delusions of homicidal abolitionist see in “Michael Brown’s Body” an opportunity to exact justice against those they deem standing in the way of true progress: white people.

This is the ‘course’ President Obama referred to in the secret meeting on November 5th; this is “the struggle that must go on” Holder referenced.

Never, for one moment, believe the majority of those seeking justice for Michael Brown desire peace, for in the minutes after his death a crowd of unfriendly blacks emerged from their Section 8 Voucher furnished dwellings demanding the blood of the Ferguson Police Department.

Agitated by those passing down the message of ‘stay the course’ to key Ferguson protest leaders, you should be quite capable with ascertaining what will happen when Darren Wilson is found innocent by the grand jury.

But… “the struggle must go on.”