Based and Redpilled Gun Control Site Gunmemorial.Org Tells the TRUTH About Gun Crime!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2019

I have a new favorite website, and get this – it’s liberal!

At least, is ostensibly a liberal gun control website. But I believe it may secretly be run by virulent Neon-Nazis.

Their stated goal is to put a face to the statistics of people killed by guns in America.

But just take a look at this site’s front page.

Those people are… almost all black or brown.

And if you click on the white ones, you find that they were killed by black or brown people. If you remove suicides, you get to roughly 100% of the people on this page having been killed by nonwhites.

For example, let’s check the profile of lovely 16-year-old Kylie Juga.

The link provided by shows us that her boyfriend has been arrested for her murder.

Who’s her boyfriend?

Martice L. Fuller, of course.

How about this fat white girl, Catherine Rhodes?

She was killed by her husband, her page on says.

I wonder who her husband was? Let’s follow this link provided by…

Oh, it was Jamal Rhodes.

And what about Celenna Sanchez?

She’s got a Mexican name, but she looks huwhite to me – especially with the Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve tattoo!

The link provided by leads us to an image of this man, Fidel Ivan Gandara:

It just goes on and on.

Go check it out!

This certainly does lead us to our point: we do not have a gun problem in this country, we have a race problem in this country.

This is something that you’re not allowed to talk about, but some liberal was apparently stupid enough to put all of these pictures together to prove our point.

You see, the left has this problem: everything has to be controlled from the top down, because if some random woman (I assume this site is run by a woman) decides to go off on her own and push the leftist agenda, you end up in a very uncomfortable “wait, hold on a second here” situation.

I guess a significant portion of liberals are so brainwashed that they would look at this page and say “I only see humans,” and maybe back that up with some kind of grossly-forced meme about how blacks only kill each other because of racism. But we know most people actually still have functioning pattern recognition systems in their brains and are susceptible to thinking “wait, hold on a second here.” If that wasn’t the case, the mainstream media would show you collections of images like this all the time.

Instead, they virtually never show you images of victims and perpetrators of gun violence, but instead focus on the statistics, while pointing to various “man bites dog” incidents of white violence. is a jarring site even for someone as redpilled as me.

This site should be shared far and wide.

Post links to it in every Facebook group.

We will now be integrating it into our rotation of sites used to find stories for the Race War section.