BASED Jew Who Told Spics What Everyone was Thinking is Fully Liferuined (Stalked, Harassed, Kicked Out of Office)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2018

The boot of social justice has come down hard on the face of the BASED JEW Aaron Schlossberg who bitched out some disgusting spics who refused to speak American in a New York restaurant.

We covered the original story in detail yesterday, if you need to catch up.

This is probably the single most aggressive campaign of retribution for a public “racist” outburst I’ve ever seen. Which is weird, because he’s Jewish. But it’s necessary, because they have to make an example of someone to try to bully people into not calling out this brown filth in public – a thing which is becoming increasingly common.

And I think they felt like they needed to do it to a rich professional. Because a “racist uprising” of well-off professional people is exactly what they fear most. The overwhelming majority of people are not even going to be aware of the Jewish angle. And it is impossible for him to claim anti-Semitism here.

You might note that he never actually even said any racial slurs. He just said “speak English” and implied that the brown people were illegals who he was paying welfare for.


First, a mob of “journalists” (they are political activists, the term “journalist” no longer has any other meaning) ambushed him outside of his home and chased him down the street.


Some media managed to then follow him into work at the courthouse, to continue stalking and harassing him.

Mind you, this is ostensibly revenge for him calling some people mean names.

Which thing is more reprehensible – mean name-calling or mob stalking of a private citizen who has committed no crime?

This new bizarre form of privately contracted socially-enforced authoritarian thought-control is simply incredible. The sheer scope and weight of it.

And it gets way worse.

They kicked him out of his office.

New York Post:

The 44-year-old was kicked out of his Madison Avenue work space Thursday after he was was captured in a hate-filled rant at Spanish-speaking restaurant workers — and then a Congressman filed a formal complaint to the state court system’s disciplinary committee.

Schlossberg had been using a business center in 275 Madison Ave. as an office address for his private law firm — but has been given the boot over the shocking video that went viral Wednesday.

“We have terminated his services agreement with us,” Hayim Grant, the president of Corporate Suites, which operates the business center, told The Post Thursday, adding that he was “completely shocked” by the nearly minute-long clip.

“His actions are just not consistent with our community and rules and regulations … It’s totally contrary to everything we believe in as a company and personally.”

Are they allowed to terminate a lease because a tenant called someone mean names?

I would assume that the answer to that is “absolutely not,” but it doesn’t really matter to the landlord, because he needs those valuable signaling points. Furthermore, he no doubt pictured a scenario in which the mob turned on him for not kicking this guy out, so he preempted that.

The government is even getting in on all of this.

The news came as Congressman Adriano Espaillat and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. filed their complaint against Schlossberg to the New York State Unified Court System’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee — calling on the panel to investigate the attorney and possibly revoke his license.

“I stand with Congressman Espaillat in calling for the disciplinary committee of the New York State Unified Court System to examine the attorney identified as Aaron Schlossberg’s reprehensible behavior and review his law license for possible revocation,” said the Bronx borough president.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough: this man is being made example of.

The Jews know that people are on edge, about to blow over all of this immigration. And they want to make an extremely high profile example of someone.

Way, Way, Way Worse Than the Alleged SPLC vs Anglin Case

As the reader is probably aware, I almost never comment on any alleged pending legislation against me.

And I won’t really comment here.

Except to say that what I am allegedly accused of doing – allegedly telling people to call a Jewish woman who it is alleged that I alleged committed a racist act – does not even come close to what these people, led by Shaun King, are doing to Schlossberg.

King’s call to action was explicitly racial in nature, referring to him as an “ugly white” man. Furthermore, he implies directly that Schlossberg didn’t have a right to say these mean words, and that he is taking revenge on him because of it, which is conspiracy to deny Constitutional rights.

He doxed Schlossberg, giving his name, address and phone number, and incited a mob to contact him.

Which they of course did.

They then harassed him outside of his house, following him down the street insulting him, and followed him into his work place – none of that happened to the alleged target of my alleged trollstorm. All she allegedly received was alleged mean phone calls and alleged mean emails.

Furthermore, Shaun King has greater reach than me, so the consequences were much more extreme. I am absolute certain he got fifty times the phone calls that the alleged woman in my alleged situation got.

Schlossberg has also suffered real world financial consequences as a result of the harassment campaign, which will presumably end up totaling in the millions.

And in my alleged lawsuit, it is all allegedly being driven by alleged racial dynamics – a white man allegedly complaining about a Jew.


Shaun King sure as hell looks like a white man to me, despite his thin claims to the contrary.

For comparison, here’s an actual mulatto.

King might be able to pass for Cuban.

But the idea he is half black is nonsensical.

For those who don’t know the story, because he looks so much like a white man pretending to be black for social status and political and financial reasons (and perhaps psychological problems), people started looking into his history. It turned out that both of the parents on his birth certificate are white. He claims that his mother cheated on his father with a light-skinned black man. His mother has never commented, but Don Lemon said “a family member” confirmed to CNN that both his parents are white.

Here is his baby picture, where you can see his mother has dark curly hair. And though his hair is curly, it is also red.

Never have I heard of a red-headed mulatto.

His mother’s maiden name is Fleming, suggesting she could be Jewish (which would explain the curly black hair), which would explain King’s slightly off-white look. Although, she could just be a normal white person, and he’s using tanning and hair dye like Rachel Dolezal – the white woman who was caught pretending to be black and running a branch of the NAACP.

Some might find it funny that the most successful black activist in modern history is actually a white guy. Sort of makes it seem like white people are superior at doing things, no?


We have the same racial dynamics – a white man harassing a Jew.

To be 100% Clear

Unlike Shaun King and the mob who believes it should be illegal to get angry at spics in public, I am an unrepentant free speech absolutist. So I obviously don’t believe what Shaun King did was illegal.

I am simply pointing out that the alleged case against me is a politically motivated scam and that if it is “the digital equivalent to burning a cross on someone’s front lawn” to post on the internet telling a large number of people to contact an individual over an alleged controversy, Schlossberg has a case that is 100 times better than the alleged case against me.

However, I doubt Schlossberg will sue, because he knows it wasn’t illegal. Just like the SPLC knows what I did wasn’t illegal. They are suing me in a callous politically-motivated attempt to silence my speech, not because they think I did something illegal.

All this having been said – I sure am glad this Schlossberg thing happened. Because it really, really, really puts the ridiculousness of the alleged SPLC suit against me into perspective – on a massive public scale.

Furthermore, I don’t believe it is going to succeed in silencing anyone.

It’s just going to make everyone more angry at the bully nature of the enforcement arm of this “multicultural experiment.”