Based Nazi Elephants Viciously Slaughter 12 Moslem Refugees

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2018

Elephants are the White man’s best friend. Right behind loyal doggos.


Twelve Rohingya people in the refugee camp in Bangladesh have been killed by wild elephants in recent months.

The camp has swollen in size since 700,000 members of the Muslim community fled religious persecution in their homeland of Myanmar in August last year.

Even elephants – who are highly intelligent creatures – are SICK AND TIRED of brown people and Moslems. They don’t want to deal with these “refugees” any more than we do. And they actually have the balls to go to war with these monkeys even though they know the media will call them racists for defending their territory.

Also, have you noticed how White SWPLs and Hippies and Hipsters have this idea that brown people are more in touch with nature than we are?


But it is part of a deep-rooted White psychosis that we have to grapple with as a movement because it is a HUGE problem. We have to DESTROY this false belief White SWPLs have of Brown people being in tune with nature. It would be a MASSIVE propaganda victory for us.

Again, I really recommend The SWPL Question’s take on the problem:

Meanwhile, the Hippies had “gone native” voluntarily. They had chosen to sacrifice the air conditioners and modern comforts that their racial and economic position in life could have easily afforded them. You can bet your bottom dollar that these were all either middle-class or even upper middle class young adults.

I have NEVER observed other races engaging in similar activity.

This desire to go native is a result of that deep feeling of discontent that the Hipster feels as well. I could say the exact same thing for the Burning Man and similar cultural festivals where people do drugs and crazy things to rebel against the humdrum of middle-class suburban living.

Modern middle-class suburban life lacks meaning.

By going tribal, these hippies feel that they are being authentic. To feel part of a tribe or a culture is a deep yearning that goes unfulfilled with most modern people. The middle class is profoundly divorced from their “tribe” and they feel lost without it. Not only that, but they feel repulsed by their lower class white neighbors. This is the result of their upbringing and inherited class consciousness. But they do not feel this same repulsion for foreign cultures that they perceive to be “down to earth.” Hence the interest in Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, and Shamanistic cultures. Hippies descend on remote villages in the South American rainforest to hear the babblings of an Incan witch doctor, and roll around in the dirt while high on Ayahuasca.

This of course isn’t ‘low class’- it’s authentic!

The tribal tattoos from some Pacific Islander tribe, the African style piercings like gauges, and natural drug use are all part of this “down to earth” impulse. All of it feels more authentic and real than the respectable life of the modern bourgeois. It makes them feel like they belong to something arcane, primal and deep-rooted.

Now, White people have a tribal history of their own. But most White people are deathly afraid of it. There is something quasi-genocidal (in their mind at least) about it and they get queasy just thinking about it.

In general, Whites have been taught their entire life to hate their own history, so they can only find comfort in appropriating the cultures of others and live action role-playing as less problematic tribes that they do not have a pre-conditioned Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction against.

Only lower class Whites still like to display the flag of their country with pride, dress up in the traditional costume of their ancestors, or even do European pagan role-play… That is because they are uneducated and unaware of the barbarity of their ancestors- at least that is what the more highly educated and upper class SWPLs believe.

And so, no self-respecting SWPL allows themselves to actually go closer to their roots. Instead they chase phantoms in a haze of marijuana smoke at some trendy tourist resort in Goa or Bali.

Brown people the world over destroy wildlife and mistreat animals left and right without shedding a single tear. I can find video upon video on Liveleak of niggers torturing animals, south American mestizos destroying rainforests, and don’t even get me started on the environmental catastrophes of south-east asia, the Indian subcontinent and the middle-east.

You know who cares about environmentalism?

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir. The latter is a famous California conservationist and founder of the Sierra Club.

White people. In fact, it was an American President that created the first national park. Conservation is an inherently masculine and huwhyte pursuit because it recognizes the need to preserve the natural world from which we came as a reminder of our roots and reminds us of the law of the jungle – lest we forget.

It’s White women crying on commercials about puppies being abused by naggers and spics and spoiled little brats. It’s White teenagers that dream about dedicating their lives to helping save rare species of animals in some forgotten jungle. It’s White men that set about creating parks and nature preserves and patrolling them, rifle in hand to keep the poachers at bay.

Fuck these animals – the Moslems I mean.

I’m on Team Elephant here. 

It’s only a matter of time before the Jew-run media starts calling the elephants defending their homes from these disgusting parasites “White Supremacists” and “Neo-Nazis.” They’ll point to the Elephant logo of the GOP – a well-known literal Fascist organization – and make the connection to real life Elephants.

Coincidence? I think not.