BASED Oathkeepers are Lolbergtarian Antifa

Daily Stormer
April 29, 2017

There really aren’t many organizations that are more silly and pathetic than Oathkeepers. You may recall that when Ferguson was overrun by rioting wild Negroes, these geriatric champions of Muh Constitution rolled out with their AR-15s to protect said wild Negroes from the police.

Need I say more?

This is the nation the Oathkeeper fags want.

As you can hear in the video, these boomer bros are always proud to explain how non-racist they are, and proudly explain how they have BASED FLIPS, BASED BEANERS, BASED NEGROES, BASED MIXED MUTTS, and now they even have a BASED SAMOAN!

Amazingly, sometime after the halfway mark in this video, Stuart Rhodes, the leader of this band of cucked but armed manlets explains that although the right to free speech is absolute and no one has the right to abridge it with violence, he, as a boomer snowflake, has a special exception: He doesn’t like “Nazis” so if Identity Europa shows up, the Oathkeepers will “kick their asses.”

Of course, Identity Europa and many other fine groups that this cyclopean pole sitter would call “Nazis” did show up, and no one kicked their asses. most notably, Oathkeepers kicked no ass whatsoever. They actually never do.

Mr. Rhodes & company seem to be confused about basic things like what “free speech” and “absolute” and “hypocrisy” and “goofy old fart” actually mean, so as a public service, please go to the YouTube page for the video and help them understand.


Thank Kek this cuckolded ideology is finally dying, as young and old alike finally realize that it doesn’t work and will never accomplish anything.