Based Orthodox News BTFOs Gay Russian Mayor Candidate’s Volunteers

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2018

This is pretty amusing.

The kid at the end who finds out that the guy he’s volunteering for is a homo just ups and quits.

I assume that he volunteered because there’s a lot of Russian cuties that volunteer for liberal candidates with daddy issues.


And he just wanted to be cool, stand up against corruption, get laid.

I get it.

All he needed was a based priest/reporter informing him that he needs to fact-check before he gets involved and that THOTs will always lead you astray.

They’ll get you to vote for a homo, hand over your civilization to mud-age people and then call you a rapist for saying no.

Hold the line, Russia, please, hold the line.

For fuck’s sake, pull your head out of your ass, and start seeing things for what they are.

Weaponized globo-homo, Ivy-educated traitors and Islamic terror will be the weapons of choice against you.  Don’t let them get a toehold. Don’t give them an inch.

Better to counter this stuff before it hits the streets.

Better to let a conservative youth counter-culture flourish.

That’s not on the Russian government though – that’s on the Russian youth.

There’s still no Russian Daily Stormer that I’m aware of. Sure you’ve got Sputnik and Pogrom, but that’s a snoozefest. The big city Russian hipsters need to step it up, tbh.

I wish they’d lay off the craft beer and get to work.