Basically, All White Men on Earth are Russian Agents

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019


A couple of days ago, the Twitter yellow stars were calling Mitch McConnell “Moscow Mitch,” after Morning Joe Scarborough and The Washington Post said that Mitch McConnell was a Russian asset.

Seriously, they made memes and everything.

The memes weren’t very funny, but the fact that they were making them was. (I would have gone with “Duma Don” in the one with Trump, but, you know, whatever.)

And Trump’s response – that was funny.

A Fox News host, the homosexual Shepherd Smith, attacked Moscow Mitch, saying “the Russians are attacking us and we must make it stop.”

Yulian Castro even name-dropped the moniker in the debate on Tuesday.

He’s the same guy who said he wanted free abortions for trannies, you may recall.

They’re selling coffee mugs. 

Furthermore, that one-hit wonder who sang “I’m a brick and I’m drowning slowly” like 20 years ago wrote a song about Moscow Mitch.

Really, this was quite the thing.

And now today, we have an entirely new thing.

#LeningradLindsey was trending on Twitter.

What does it mean? 

Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are both warmongering neocon lunatics who have spent decades pushing for war with Russia. Everyone knows this.

McConnell went out there and was like “but I’ve been trying to start a war with them!” That’s a paraphrasing, but his precise words were: “I was accused of aiding and abetting the very man I’ve singled out as an adversary and opposed for nearly 20 years, Vladimir Putin.”

This is an absolutely true fact.

He’s completely insane and wants a world war with Russia.

Lindsey Graham is just as bad if not much worse.

So why are they being called Russian agents?

Well, Mitch McConnell blocked an “election security” bill.

In his own defense speech against the WaPo on the floor of the Senate, Mitch explained that the bill only got one Republican vote in the House and was just completely partisan.

I didn’t read the bill, but it appears that he refused to bring it to the floor simply because it was a massively expensive – nearly half a billion dollars – virtue signal that wasn’t going to pass anyway.

Washington Examiner:

Democrats used last week’s report to attempt to pass their proposed election security bills, but those efforts to pass these bills by unanimous consent were blocked by Republican senators at the request of McConnell.

DHS officials testified to Congress last year that they do not currently see the need for new mandates to improve election security, and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month that he could not think of any new election security laws or foreign deterrence legislation that he thought should be passed.

“We feel that we have significant resources devoted to the foreign influence piece, and the president’s budget that’s currently up before the Congress asks for additional resources to help us do that,” Wray told lawmakers.

Probably, this was a trap from the beginning to accuse the Timid Turtle Mitch of being a Russian agent.

And it was at least related to something something something election hacking.

But what did the psychopathic homosexual neocon Lindsey Graham do to warrant being accused of being a Russian spy?


The Hill:

The hashtag “LeningradLindsey” trended on Twitter Thursday after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) forced a controversial asylum bill through committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday advanced a bill to overhaul U.S. asylum laws, waiving committee rules to force the bill through to the full Senate, where it likely won’t get the 60 votes it needs to pass.

But Graham’s move to push the bill through the panel outraged Democrats who say the South Carolina senator broke the rules on how lawmakers take up legislation in order to move a partisan bill along.

He did something to oppose mass immigration.

So this is implying that Russia is part of a conspiracy to Keep America White.

Fancy that.

There is no point trying to unravel what someone means when they imply that Vladimir Putin is ordering Lindsey Graham to secure America’s borders. I don’t doubt that there are women and estrogen-infused men who have absolutely no idea who Lindsey Graham is who see the memes and think that this is accurate information. America is full of absolute retards. But the people making and spreading the meme don’t think it makes sense, they’re just using it as an insult.

You might be thinking “oh boy, the Russian conspiracy hoax has finally jumped its last shark!”

But this is in fact the opposite of what has happened – the Russian conspiracy hoax has now officially become what it was always intended to be.

What has happened is that “Russian agent” has come to be used interchangeably with “racist.” Both words mean “Bad White Man.”

It’s quite a development, actually.

The logic makes sense: “If you’re a White man who does something that appears to be in the interests of White people, or you are associated with people who appear to be doing that, you must be a Russian, because Russia is the last White country that defends the interests of her own people.”

So when they are called “traitors,” they’re being accused of betraying the principles of multicultural Jewish democracy by refusing to simply lay down and die.

These lines are becoming crystal clear.

What we are dealing with is a global war on White men.

That is what everything happening everywhere is about.

The borders of America and Europe are being opened and flooded by the same people who are attempting to foment a war with Russia. The same people who are encouraging White mothers to inject their sons with estrogen, which sterilizes them. The same people who are telling White women not to get married and have kids. The same people who produce pornography to lower the testosterone and sex drive of men.

We are dealing with a Global Jewish Crisis.

They are trying to exterminate us. 

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