Basketball American Accused of Being Gay Comes Out as Not Gay

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

In one of the most bizarre interviews I’ve ever seen, Fox Sports interviewed Dwight Howard, a black basketball player, about an incident where someone accused him of being gay and in a homosexual relationship with him, and it wasn’t true, but it made him realize the importance of being who you truly are. He said everyone hated him, but he realized that it was okay that he is not gay, because that is who he is.

A not gay man.

Fox News:

Memphis Grizzlies center Dwight Howard addressed his sexuality and a lawsuit against him during a two-part interview on FOX Sports 1.

Howard, who sat down with FOX Sports’ Kristine Leahy for an episode of “Fair Game,” said he isn’t gay and he touched on a lawsuit that was filed against him in March by Masin Elije — who has said the eight-time All-Star was in a romantic relationship with him and harassed him into signing a non-disclosure agreement after their alleged relationship was over.

Howard told Leahy the situation set him “free” and also upset him because he didn’t know who the person was.

“Why would somebody who I never met, never had any contact with, make up a whole story about me?” Howard asked rhetorically. “And I saw all the hate, the pure hate, from people I have never met before just pile up. Everywhere I went.”

“The situation made me realize, you’re not like this. Just be you. Be free.

“I’m not gay,” he said. “There’s a lot of people who are and they have to hide. And there’s people who have mental issues and they have to hide. It’s people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on their mask every day. But it’s like I don’t want to wear no mask. I just want to be.”

I think he probably actually is gay, and he’s describing the freedom he gets now that everyone knows it? But also saying he’s not really gay, but if he was gay, he’d feel really good about it?

If so – and I think it is so – this is the most niggered-out coming out video I’ve ever witnessed.

I’m surprised this guy didn’t have an agent or something who was like “please don’t air this.”

The weirdest part of all was probably the interviewer bitch acting like it wasn’t weird.

She’s a nasty bitch.

The ads for her show look like ads for an interracial gang bang.

You live in a country where a jungle gaynigger is a famous person, is accused of being gay, and then tells the world how good it feels to be gay even though he himself isn’t actually gay. Then some white bitch acts like it makes total sense and is just frustrated she won’t be able to fuck him after the show.

We deserve the Biblical Apocalypse.

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