BBC Attacked for “Platforming Climate Denier” After Bringing Him on to Mock and Insult Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

Whereas it used to be that the leftist media had a solid strategy of bring on people they disagree with to mock and insult them, saying to the audience “look at how stupid and evil this bad person is,” they are increasingly being attacked for even allowing the opposition view to be heard at all, even in the context of a mocking attack.

The BBC this week brought on former Trump advisor Myron Ebell on a propaganda show about the coming apocalypse that will occur if we don’t shut down all industry and give infinity free money to China and India.

After an intense Al Gore-style montage of global apocalypse, the host introduced him as “Myron Evil,” and mocked and insulted him, laughing and calling him a conspiracy theorist.

But the BBC was then attacked for even talking to him at all.

The Independent:

The BBC has been criticised for giving a prominent climate change denier airtime during a news programme on a landmark UN report warning the planet faces imminent catastrophe if carbon emissions are not radically curbed. 

Myron Ebell, a former environmental adviser to Donald Trump known for depicting global warming as a hoax, was interviewed by Newsnight presenter Evan Davis after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned humanity must make “unprecedented changes” to the way we live, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions almost in half by 2030.

Last month the BBC has previously admitted it got climate change coverage “wrong too often”, advising its journalists they “do not need to include outright deniers” in discussions because scientists accept man-made global warming is a fact.

“No one disagrees, so you shouldn’t disagree either.”

Sounds legit.

In April, Ofcom rebuked the broadcaster for failing to sufficiently challenge inaccuracies during an interview with climate change denier Nigel Lawson on Radio 4’s Today.

Newsnight‘s invitation to Mr Ebell, director of environmental policy at libertarian thinktank the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), prompted accusations the BBC had failed to learn from previous mistakes.

“This is someone who thinks scientific consensus is some sort of bizarre conspiracy,” Rachel Kennerley, a climate campaign officer for Friends of the Earth, told The Independent. “Giving him prominent air time is contemptible to everyone who understands that scientific fact doesn’t need to be countered by someone wanting a bit of limelight. This isn’t balance, it’s just bad programming.”

Environmental writer Mark Lynas described the interview as “utterly pointless and embarrassing. Car-crash television, and a waste of time that could have been used addressing the real questions.”

So see, that’s the thing.

It’s become like the Holocaust. There are laws that you cannot question the Holocaust in most European countries, and they are enforcing a similar regime with global warming, or as it is now called, “climate change.”

Before that, it was called “the greenhouse effect” and before that it was called “global cooling.”

And this is the thing now just in general. I noted yesterday that in an LA Times report about recent arrests of members of RAM, an MMA group, some of whom attended the Charlottesville rally last August, they interviewed three Jews from three Jewish organizations to make all of these claims, while interviewing no non-Jew other than the man prosecuting them.

Basically, this has gotten to the point where the left is so acutely aware that they are telling outrageous lies that are so easy to debunk that they can’t even allow it to be known that people who disagree with them even exist.

In the interview, Ebell pointed out that the mandate of the UN’s IPCC was to confirm the existing claims of the UN with regards to this great swindle. And he referred to the fact that they are getting grants for this stuff.

There does not have to be some kind of gigantic conspiracy, as the BBC presenter mockingly suggested, in order for these people to be promoting falsehood. They are being paid to promote this.

Furthermore, anyone who was on the IPCC and didn’t agree with manmade global warming got kicked off.

I’m sure most of them actually believe it, but it’s like a religion – and the BBC surely attacks religious people all the time as believing wrong things without ever suggesting that the only way they could be saying they believe what they believe is because they are part of a conspiracy.

Most people will believe things based on two main factors:

  • Social proof
  • Self-interest

Very few people will believe things based on facts.

As with the followers of any religion, climatologists have both social proof and self-interest to support their belief system, so you don’t need a dastardly conspiracy.

Many other types of scientists, who are not climatologists, do not believe in carbon dioxide global warming, pointing to the fact the earth isn’t warming that much and that historically, the earth has gone through periods where it was significantly warmer than it is now, and that there is an entire list of other reasons for the warming we have seen.

Primarily, there is the fact that the sun fluctuates in intensity and this causes the earth to either cool or warm.

They also point out that warming is not necessarily negative.

In 2007, the British TV Channel 4 showed a documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle” (it was still called global warming back then).

They couldn’t air that now. They’d all be arrested and shut down.