Be On Your Guard, Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse/Jewish Apocalypse is Coming

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but clearly, the end times are upon us.

Repent while you can.

On a more serious note, as everyone knows, the Jews are the literal spawn of Satan and are always busy plotting against the goyim.

What fewer people know is that the Jews are people of the moon, of the dark, of Saturn. And we White Europeans are the people of the sun, of the light and of Jesus – well we used to be anyway.

Their calendar is actually lunar-based and they’ve got a “Saturn cube” that they wear on their foreheads to channel Saturnic/Satanic power.

Seriously, Judaism is all astral and lunar related, and even though I don’t quite understand all the nuances myself, it’s safe to say that they’re planning something big and Satanic for the lunar eclipse.

We have to be very careful on that day, because it will be a blood moon as well and because they’re moon-people, their Jewish power will increase exponentially.


The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century and the chance to see Mars up close is almost upon us, here’s everything you need to know to catch the mesmerizing event.

On Friday July 27 the lunar eclipse will stretch across most of Europe and Asia, Australia, Africa and part of South America. North and central Americans won’t be able to see the eclipse in their skies, but truly-committed astronomers can catch the livestream online from 6pm UTC.

This will be the second total lunar eclipse of 2018, the first took place on January 31st and lasted three hours and 23 minutes. However the time span in which there was a “total” eclipse was one hour and 16 minutes. This new total lunar eclipse is projected to last one hour and 43 minutes – four hours all together for the overall eclipse – making it the longest lunar eclipse of this century.

A total eclipse is a rare occurrence which happens when the moon, Earth and sun align and the full moon passes behind our planet, falling into its shadow. Large swathes of the planet will be cast in complete darkness as the moon makes its way across the continents. The upcoming eclipse is also known as a ‘Blood Moon’ because while the moon is in the shadow, it appears to turn a shade of red.

Making the milestone even more special, Earth is passing between the sun and Mars throughout July and September, but on July 27 the red planet will be in the best opposition in our sky since 2003. This means observers on Earth will also have their closest and brightest view of the planet in 15 years. 

This reminds me of the fire nation setting off a blood moon to increase their powers and decrease the powers of the water benders.

I didn’t really watch the show tbh, I only caught bits and pieces, because I was busy watching real Chinese cartoons at the time.

And then later, I found something edgier.

No, but seriously, I get that Avatar was supposed to be a kid’s show…but they never showed any blood and that bothered me.

You had the same problem with Samurai Jack.

Great premise, great character, great show except for the fact that the stakes didn’t feel real. Nobody really died except for some robots getting cut to pieces.

That’s why Anime will always have an edge over Western cartoons. The fact that characters are allowed to bleed, die and the softcore stuff that they slip in there sometimes makes for a much more entertaining narrative for young men.

Plus, Anime is usually free of Jewish agitprop.

So, logically, based on the fact that Anime and Jews are mortal enemies, I expect that on the Blood Moon, every single Anime streaming site will crash, YouTube will take down every single “Top 5 Anime Fights” video on copyright grounds and that weebs everywhere will be  writhing in pain on their tatami mats at home.

Stay on your guard and make sure to download some episodes beforehand, my friends. There’s no guarantee what Jewish tricks they’ll try to pull on us.