Because the US was Stupid Enough to Make Their Entire Country Susceptible to Cyber and Electronic Warfare, We Must Invade North Korea

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017

Supposedly the North Korean ship seized in Panama had SA2 missile on it capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

More than that, they could also have an EMP weapon which could shut down a large amount of America due to the idiotic boomer ideal of making literally everything electronic and also online.

It’s not clear whether North Korea actually has the weapon, or if the effects would be as catastrophic as is being claimed. In fact I seriously doubt it.

However, some less impotent nation easily could do that. A nation like, say, Russia or maybe China. Both of which would probably get involved in some way in a war on the side of North Korea.

This entire situation is a ridiculous farce.