Belgian Neighborhood Evacuated Due to Roaming Turk with a Machete

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2016


Sort of a lame weekend as far as vibrant diversity goes. I guess it’s not over yet, but we really haven’t had any juicy events.

On Friday, a Syrian stabbed another Syrian in the face and roamed around in the street with a knife in Germany, then yesterday a knife-attacker attacked two female cops in Belgium, now this.


A neighborhood in the Belgian city of Liege was evacuated after a machete-wielding man was spotted in the area, local media reported citing the authorities. Police detained the suspect, who is said to be of Turkish origin.

The Liege police received a phone call on Sunday morning at around 06:20 local time, stating that a man armed with a machete was walking around the Carre neighborhood, the Belgian broadcaster RTBF TV reported.

The area was immediately cordoned off by police.

A man in his 20s and believed to be of Turkish origin, was promptly arrested. He was reportedly not planning an attack.

According to officials, the individual does not have any criminal convictions. However, according to SudInfo, he may have given a false identity to the police.

Just walking around. Didn’t even stab anyone, or even try to, allegedly.

How lame.

When we invited all of these millions of Moslems to come live in Europe, we were expecting a bit more excitement than this on the weekend.