Belgian Official Says Terrorism is the Fault of Europeans for Not Being Nice Enough to Moslems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2016

epa04968325 Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon at the start of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg, 08 October 2015. Ministers will discuss migration. EPA/JULIEN WARNAND

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon understands the real reason Moslems do terrorism: Because of the Crusades.

As everyone knows, it is impossible for innocent brown people – the victims of the whole world and all of history, forever – to ever do anything wrong, ever. As such, when they do do something which is considered as bad – such as shoot people randomly on the streets of Paris – it is in fact White people’s fault that they did this.

It is just simple common sense that eternal victims cannot ever be responsible for their own behavior. I mean, these people had the Crusades done against them, fer cryin out loud.

Can you even begin to imagine what it is like to have a Crusade done against you?

If you’re White, then obvious no – you can’t.


Evil Crusaders went to Moslem countries and killed people randomly for no reason. That is why their countries are poor.

Because in all of history, nothing bad has ever happened to a White person. That is your privilege. Nothing bad ever happens, under any circumstance.

In keeping with this impeccable logic, the Interior Minister of Belgium, Jan Jambon, has fired back at racist haters who believe the innocent victims who shot up Paris are responsible for this behavior.


Jambon says the majority of young Muslims are well integrated into Belgian society, but admits his government has more to do to make some feel “at home” in their own country, given that a sense of alienation can leave them open to the threat of radicalization.

“We’re talking about third- and fourth-generation [immigrants]; these youngsters are born in Belgium, even their fathers and mothers are born in Belgium, and still they are open for these kind of messages. This is not normal — in the U.S., the second generation was the President; here, the fourth generation is an IS fighter — so that is really something we have to work on.”

There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel Belgian — this is the country you were raised in. This is the country where you have been fed, where you went to school, where you had your friends, where you practiced your sports. So why all of a sudden you don’t feel Belgian?” he asks.

“There is no reason to feel like that. I believe that it is part of our Islam that we protect the country we were raised in and that we try to make the country we live in prosper.”

There you have it.

Finally, honest dialog about race in Europe. These people didn’t do nothing.

Their behavior is our responsibility.


We’re all the same: If people were mean to you and you didn’t feel at home, you would murder hundreds of people on the streets randomly as well. It’s just basic human nature that when you don’t feel at home in the place where you live and play sports, you murder people on the streets randomly.