Belgian Police Say Baggage Handlers at Brussels Airport Cheered the Jihad Attacks in Paris [BAD APPLES INTENSIFIES]

Diversity Macht Frei
April 1, 2016

Vincent Gilles, president of the SLFP Police [trade union], is an invited guest on Bel RTL. At the microphone of Martin Buxant, he returns to the statements from police colleagues who say they witnessed members of staff at Brussels airport cheers the attacks in Paris.

Martin Buxant: In their open letter, the police officers explain that many people working at the airport are known to have serial criminal records. What does that mean? Vincent

Gilles: That’s what we’ve heard too but well because we don’t have proof, we can’t put that on the table. So it’s not really a field of negotiation for us. It seems that there is a discriminatory recruitment policy and that a certain category of the population was targeted by this more favourable recruitment. The result is that among the baggage handlers, apparently, there are quite a few people who, during the incidents in Paris for example, cheered what was going on. We have heard this from colleagues who witnessed it.


This is not the first report of Muslims being seen to almost monopolise sensitive positions at airports. In Britain, a Christian who worked at an airport was sacked and claimed she had been discriminated against by Muslims among the airport staff who seemed to be in charge (link).