Belgian Shop Owner Refuses to Sell to Jews

Daily Stormer
July 17, 2014

Jews are calling this a "retail Holocaust."
Jews are calling this a “retail Holocaust.”

A Jew woman in Belgium claims she was barred from making purchases at a store in Antwerp after the owner explained that he does not sell things to dirty Jews.

The Antisemitism train just keeps on rolling – non-stop to Madagascar!


A spokesman from the Antwerp police department confirmed to Joods Actueel that the case was being investigated.

“When I came to the cash register to pay for a few items I was told, ‘We currently don’t sell to Jews out of protest,’ ” the woman, who is Orthodox and identifiable as Jewish, told the weekly.

According to the report, which did not name the shop or its owner, the man would not say what he was protesting.

The weekly then sent a reporter with a hidden video camera to the store, where the reporter interviewed an employee about the incident.

Asked about the incident, the employee told the reporter, “It was my boss and he was protesting.” Asked again whether the shop owner had a policy of not selling to Jews, the employee said, “Yeah, that’s what he says.”

Of course, the owner later denied it. But it’s on video.