Belgian Soldiers Deployed to Guard Jews

Daily Slave
January 18, 2015

Why is this Jew not being deported by these soldiers? And yes, that is a rhetorical question.

Why are Belgian soldiers being deployed to protect the Jews?  They should be deployed in order to expel them from their nation never to return again.  Look at all of the trouble they have caused in Europe.  Every last one of these Juden creatures need to be deported out of the continent.  One-way plane tickets to Tel Aviv for all Juden.

The Guardian:

Europe remained on high alert as soldiers were deployed alongside police in Belgium to protect Jewish buildings and the head of Europol warned that further terrorist attacks could not be ruled out in the wake of the murder of 17 people in Paris by Islamist gunmen last week.

The move to guard potential targets in Antwerp’s Jewish quarter on Saturday was the first time in three decades that Belgian troops have been used to bolster police ranks. It follows the deployment of French soldiers following the attacks in Paris.