Belgian Youth: smdh 2015

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2015

I can’t believe that in 2015 the youth of Belgium is so misguided as what we see in this video.

Does the government even have programs? If they have programs, they clearly need more money.

It looks to me like the government has completely failed this youth, and they now have no choice other than to act in the way you see in this video.

We have to ask ourselves: Belgians did not used to act like this, say, in the 1940s. But now, Belgian youth be wilen out. What has changed?

Well, in increase in racism, of course.

Just look at this chart:

Belgium hate graph racism
This pattern is undeniable.

It is time that Belgium cracked down on the racial hatreds they promote by shutting down free speech on the internet and arresting everyone who questions multiculturalism. We must do that for our children, like those in the above video. It is the core values of Belgium and Europe as a whole to arrest people who disagree with mass immigration, and we must never forget our core values of turning every country Islamic simply because Moslems are killing people on the streets.

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