Belgium: Ambitious Haji Charged with Testing Bomb in His Back Garden

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

LOL @ the haji claiming that the explosives were for fishing.

Let me tell you: the Swedes would have bought that excuse.

Have you ever tried catching Baltic herring with just a net?

Slippery rascals, they are.

Voice of Europe:

A 20-year-old Syrian refugee has been charged for terrorist activities and by the correctional court in Charleroi, Belgium.

Newspaper HLN reports that the man, named Ahmed A., tested a bomb in his back garden in Mouscron.

The Syrian national was already monitored after an FBI warning, Belgian officials said. The charges against the man are: Preparing a terrorist attack and participating in terrorist activities.

After his arrest the man told via a translator that the explosives were to be used for fishing, but these remarks were rejected by the magistrate.

She said the man was tracked down after his online search for terrorist activities and his research into making explosives.

The Syrian refugee’s lawyer called the man ‘a peaceful refugee’ instead of a terrorist and said the test in his back garden wasn’t serious.

But according to the magistrate the man liked the activities of ISIS on Facebook and Telegram. The prosecutor demanded five years in jail.