Belgium Arrests Five More Hajis in Connection with Paris

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2015


More terrorist hajis arrested in Brussels. Shocking, no one could have expected it.

The main question I have here: just exactly how many hajis does it take to plan to shoot guns at random people? Why would you need a committee with dozens of people to plan something like this?

Wall Street Journal:

Belgian police detained five people in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris during raids Sunday evening and Monday morning, the federal prosecutor’s office said Monday.

During the Sunday raid, police searched a house in the center of Brussels and detained two brothers and a friend of the two brothers for questioning, the office said in a statement.

The house, which is located close to the district of Molenbeek, where at least three of the alleged Paris attackers lived, was searched following “a thorough analysis of phone records,” the statement said. A spokesman for the prosecutor declined to say whose phone records had been analyzed.

A second raid took place Monday morning in the Brussels district of Laeken, leading to the detention of two more people, the statement said. Police found no weapons or explosives during either of the raids.

Belgian police have been searching for Salah Abdeslam , a suspect in the Nov. 13 atrocity which left 130 people dead in the French capital, and have so far charged eight people in connection with the attacks.

This also speaks to The Donald’s point: the media was calling one of these guys “the mastermind” – don’t responded by saying they’re low IQ.


The 8 already charged, plus the 8 involved in the attack, plus (maybe) these next 5 would total 21 people needed to formulate a plan to shoot guns into random crowds of people.

How did these planning meetings go?

Muhammad: Praise be allah, I think we should use guns to shoot random people.

Abdullah: I think the plan is brilliant, by allah. What do you think Abdelhamid?

Abdelhamid: Allah akbar, shoot at them randomly, praise allah!

Ahmad: Praise allah!

Muhammad: Then it’s settled. But how should we shoot at them?

Abdullah: Randomly, by allah! We will shoot them randomly!

Abdelhamid: Yes, yes of course. But how will we do the random shooting, by allah praise be allah peace be upon him?

Ahmad: My sweet allah, you fools! We will shoot them randomly, by allah!

Muhammad: This plan is solid but we need to work out the details, sweet, sweet allah.

Abdelhamid: I have to leave brothers, I must go penetrate the luscious body of my slut cousin, by sweet allah.

Ahmad: Allah akbar!

Abdullah: Allah akbar! Praise be to allah! Death to France!

Muhammad: Yes, I must go to the brothel, by allah, my balls are going to explode by sweet, sweet allah. We will meet tomorrow. I will invite 17 more people to help us work out the details of this plan to shoot guns randomly into crowds of people, allah akbar.

Ahmad: Allah akbar!

Abdelhamid: Allah akbar!

Abdullah: Allah akbar!