Belgium Bans Uber; Doesn’t Want White People to Be Happy

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

Uber has always been the White man’s preferred mode of transportation.

Any system that allows people to leave reviews and a rating system will become a de facto SWPL-approved industry.


Because leaving 1-star ratings once you’re safely at home with a quick tap of the index finger is the huwhyte way of dealing with minorities.


A Belgian commercial court has supported local taxi firms and said that world-famous Uber services are outlawed in Brussels, according to local media reports citing the court decision.

Find the judge they bribed and everything will become clear.

The court order was issued on December 18 by the Dutch-speaking tribunal of commerce, Belgian news outlets La Libre Belgique and La Derniere Heure said on Thursday. The ruling allows only drivers with a Brussels taxi license and a special lamp light on the roof to operate in the Belgian capital, which hosts headquarters of NATO and EU Commission as well as offices of many other key international organizations.

Uber says the move has no immediate effect on its activities, the company’s lawyer in Belgium, Etienne Kairis, told La Derniere Heure. He also believes that “there is no reason” to block UberX.

The Silicon Valley start-up has long been at loggerheads with local taxi firms across European countries. The governments of the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Germany sided with traditional taxis that claim the service does not follow local transportation rules and partially banned it. Some countries fully outlawed the popular app, including Hungary and Bulgaria.

See, local taxi drivers are complete garbage.

They live off scamming people in need of a quick ride.

Uber eliminates the scammers over time with its system of reviews. 

This means that White people, who value comfort and convenience flock to Uber in droves to be able to screen scammers and minorities (but I repeat myself) out of their taxi experience.

Of course, they won’t admit it, but we all know the score.

Frankly, anyone who is anti-Uber is anti-White.

This is so clear to me that I am sure it’s clear enough to Buzzfeed and Huffington Post as well. 

I fully expect to see an article titled Why Uber is Actually Racist trending on social media after being put out by a Jewish author for one of these outlets sooner rather than later.

Mark my words, once Jews and shitlibs figure out that Uber (and Amazon too actually) is basically just White coping technology, they’re going to go full bore anti-Uber and force these companies to diversify their pool of drivers… which SWPLs won’t fight, but will simply leave Uber for another, huwhyter taxi service.

And just wait until Uber completely eliminates drivers from the equation.

We’re not that far away from that moment.

I feel bad for all the White and White-presenting minorities who will be out of a job, I really do.

But hey, technology leads to SWPLification, and there’s no stopping SWPLification going forward.