Belgium Considering Deporting Moslems Born in Their Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2017

Belgium is a cucked nation, but this is highly symbolic and important, as it shows that there is a difference between natives and people born in the country. It’s effectively an acknowledgement of race.

Of course, Belgium doesn’t have this retarded “birthright citizenship” that we have in the US, so these people are technically foreign nationals, but that is a mere technicality. The sentiment here is that race exists.


A bill adopted by Belgium’s federal parliament Thursday evening would see foreign nationals who are suspected of terrorism and organized crime deported, even if they were born in Belgium, Le Soir reported.

The bill would reverse an earlier law that protected foreigners in Belgium of expulsion if they were either born in Belgium, or if they arrived in the country before the age of 12. It would allow the government to expel any foreign national deemed a “threat to public order or national security.”

Theo Francken, Belgium’s asylum and migration minister, submitted the bill following the Paris attacks in November 2015 in which Salah Abdeslam, a Belgium-born French citizen, is the chief suspect. The law intends to make the extradition of people like Abdeslam easier.

This is related to the complaints of Belgians regarding “radical” Islam.


An increasing number of mosques in Belgium preach a radical form of Islam, according to a new report by the country’s coordination body for threat assessment OCAM, local media reported.

Imams who preach Wahhabism, the form of Sunni Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia, are increasingly common in mosques and Islamic centers in Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen, according to the report.

The radical movement is also gaining traction thanks to dedicated television channels and online media, OCAM said.

The term “radical Islam” is just a bizarre euphemism for devout Islam. It’s like saying “wet water.” Less radical Islam means less devout Islam (not that the religion itself is less radical), just as being less wet means that you have less water on you (not that the water itself is less wet).

It is a value of Sunni Islam that they are intended to conquer the world, and there is a moral imperative declared in their holy book that they are to use murder and rape in order to accomplish the goal. If someone isn’t doing this, or helping others do it, he is in apostate to the religion.

And look – I don’t even think Islam is “bad” in some cosmic sense. It is a racial strategy to dominate enemies. And it works. But the reason why it works is that it is radical.

On the whole, I would like to see whites adopt a religious philosophy which is more along these lines. A philosophy which justifies total war against our enemies, which declares that that which is moral in good is not moral and good because of an abstraction, but because it helps us.