Belgium Considers Banning “Asylum Seekers” from Pools After Ficki Ficki Attack on Girl

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2016

The anthem of a generation of young women shall be “don’t ficki ficki me, bro – bro, bro – don’t ficki ficki me!”


There will be a debate on a possible ban on adult migrants visiting the municipal pool in Coxyde on Monday during the college meeting, said the mayor of the coastal town, Marc Vanden Bussche (LB).

On Saturday, a female minor is said to have been attacked in the pool by a person living in the municipal asylum centre, reported Het Nieuwsblad on Sunday morning. According to the mayor, a similar incident took place earlier in the week. Since then, Fedasil [Federal Agency for the reception of asylum seekers] promised to inform asylum seekers about the code of conduct to be adopted in the pool.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.