Belgium: Democracy and Diversity Don’t Mix

John Chrysostomos
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2018

Democracy, we have been told, is the measure of a nation’s health – the more democratic, the better. This, of course, almost never applies to non-white countries, where they are allowed to play their race card and given a free pass.

Belgium is good example to look at, because it is considered a “healthy democracy” thus it can illustrate how a healthy democracy can become sick.

Het Laatste Nieuws:

Separate men and women from each other on the bus. With this remarkable proposal, the Party of Islam appeals to the voter in at least 28 Brussels and Walloon municipalities in October.

Yet the party expressly says that it does not adhere to extreme Islam. “We want an Islamic state without wanting to touch the Belgian Constitution. We are concerned with the values of our religion,” says Anderlecht city council member Redouane Ahrouch and treasurer of the party.

It’s estimated that only 4% of the population are practicing Moslems in Belgium and they’re mainly concentrated in a few cities so there is no hope in hell of the Party of Islam ever getting elected in any national election. However, the very fact that they want to run on a platform of implementing Sharia law is a useful redpill in showing why democracy is not a system capable of defending against the threats associated with diversity.

No matter how based the minority or how long they’ve lived in the country, eventually they’ll want to engage in activity that furthers their ethnic interests.

I don’t know if it’s just over-positive media coverage that has given these morons an inflated self-image, but ragheads throughout Europe are playing their hand too quickly, resulting in host nations producing antibodies in the way of “identitarian” movements, the most famous and prolific being Génération Identitaire which in the past 5 years has popped-up in Germany, Italy and even the UK.

In Belgium there is a Flemish youth group, Schild en Vrienden (Shield and Friends), that’s appeared – galvanized by an impending sense of dispossession and the subconscious dread this instills.

Opticians take note: they are normal people in blue t-shirts. 

Voice of Europe interviewed them recently:

Your group featured in a video against the left, it went viral and even crossed the ocean; did you expect this success?

The fight against cultural Marxism and the massive uncontrolled immigration is a fight that’s going on all over the world. Everywhere small groups of nationalists are forming and they’re growing bigger every day.

With our video we wanted to show the world that the Flemish nationalists are doing their part. We want to inspire the Flemish youth and the European youth to stand up for their heritage and future.

They know something is up (“Cultural Marxism” means “Jews”), and although they can’t quite put their finger on it, they know they must fight back.

What was your motivation to start this movement?

My motivation to start Schild & Vrienden is my big sense of justice. I simply can’t stand injustice and the Flemish and European youth are facing a lot of injustice.

We’re seeing our culture and heritage being destroyed. We’re having our identity replaced by shame and guilt. We’re seeing massive, uncontrolled immigration for a utopian dream of previous generations. We’ve been taken advantage of by the political elite who have built up a huge debt that we now have to pay.

Hopefully they won’t cuck out and claim it’s “Belgian values” they need to protect rather than the indigenous people of Belgium.

But somehow I don’t think they will…

Because as we have seen time and again, the Islamic invaders have no problem going along with the “values blah blah blah” until their population reaches critical mass, at which point it is “Islam or death, infidel.”

And that Islamic behavior is in itself a racial behavior, genetic programming that manifests in the form of religion.

The fact of the matter is, this is an all or nothing situation, and “democratic values” are worth less than a knife at a gun fight.