Belgium: Diversity Meeting Canceled Because of Diverse Terrorists

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
November 28, 2015


A major EU meeting in Brussels, Belgium, was supposed to promote “cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue“, but has been called off, as the city’s threat level is considered very high.

The event planners said:

This afternoon, the European Commission security services have announced that bigger events organized by the Commission taking place on external premises (not in Commission buildings) are to be cancelled until further notice, in line with the recommendations of the Belgian authorities

We are very sorry, as we know how much you were looking forward to attending this event, which we had been preparing for over a year. Our apologies as well to those of you who are already on their way to Brussels

The city is now on lock-down because of the threat level. Trains have been cancelled, and people have been warned to stay away from crowded areas.

The ironic part is that all this was because in 1992, Phillipe Moureaux became the mayor of Brussels, and quickly set about pushing his “diversity” agenda on the city.

According to government statistics, about 40% of the city has foreign origins today.

If these anti-Whites want to bring in non-Europeans and their culture, maybe they’ll enjoy an old Chinese proverb: Be careful what you wish for.

They are pushing for White genocide – to destroy us with “diversity” – but when it is THEY who start to experience what they pushed for, they get all upset about it?

It’s time we freed ourselves of these code words they keep using. “Diversity” is just a code word for White genocide.