Belgium: Man Hospitalized After Getting Beaten Up by a Pack of African Robbers

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2019

This man thought he could outrun a pack of African jiggaboos.

He was wrong.


A male victim was hospitalized following a robbery and beating by three men of African origin in Antwerp, Belgium, according to reports.

The 42-year-old man was carrying just 15 euros (~$16.50) when he was attacked by the gang in broad daylight in the Lier district of Antwerp earlier this year.

Details of the robbery were only recently made public after police issued a call to help identify perpetrators via Belgian media, SCEPTR reports.

“I heard people walking behind me and turned to look back when I got a slap in the face,” the man said.

The victim says his assailant, a young African male, demanded his wallet and cell phone.

He refused and took off running, under hot pursuit by three muggers who shoved him to the ground and began kicking and stomping him as he bled on the street.

“It really started then,” the man said.

The perpetrators ultimately made off with the man’s wallet, which contained only 15 euros.