Belgium: Moslem Torches Himself Because of “Racism” or Whatever

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

Ok, we get the message. More racism = more burning Moslems.

And they said hate never solved anything…

In fact, the White man’s pure, concentrated hatred for third world sewer cultures is starting to compel them to immolate themselves, out of sheer despair.

This is the second Moslem to torch himself because of “racism.”


Footage has emerged online showing a man setting himself on fire outside a courthouse in the Belgian town of Kortrijk. The man earlier reportedly left a social media post saying he was “tired of racism,” while police have called the incident an “act of despair.”

You know where there isn’t any racism?

Wherever this idiot came from.

The man, identified as a 38-year-old of Moroccan descent, left the courthouse on Tuesday and moments later returned with a canister of gasoline to a square right in front of the building, some 15 meters from the entrance, a police statement said.

As seen in the video, he then spilled some gasoline and lit it, before pouring some more on his jacket and setting it on fire. He then instantly ran towards police officers and firefighters who were already at the scene.

So brave.

lol, these Moslems can’t into martyrdom.

You’re not going to get your 72 virgins unless you burn all the way, Abdul. Allah knows you wimped out and set your jacket on fire while standing next to a fire truck, having no intention of actually burning. Or at least, he would know if he wasn’t some made up desert lunar demon or whatever.

In any case, isn’t it pathetic how these Moslems pull these fake publicity stunts to try and coax us into feeling bad for them?

The only problem is that no one cares if these Hajis burn. In fact, the people in the video were probably relieved that he wasn’t going to hijack a truck to run them over.

If you’re a religion of peace, you should burn yourselves more, like the Buddhists.

But I dunno, maybe they should set themselves on fire some more, you know, just in case we change our minds? I don’t want to make any promises, but I have a vague feeling that if a few more thousand Moslems set themselves on fire, I’ll be more favorably disposed to seeing my country Islamified.

Persevere, guys.