Belgium: Pensioner Faces Criminal Charges for Turning His Home Into Hitler’s Eagle Nest

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2019

This may be the first case of someone facing criminal charges just for being a fan of Hitler. No illegal actions and no real crimes need to be committed. You don’t need to deny the Holocaust. Just liking Hitler so much that you turn your house into a Nazi tribute is about to be enough to put you in jail.

Daily Mail:

A Belgian pensioner could be jailed after turning his home into his own version of Adolf Hitler’s Eagle Nest lair.

George Boeckstaens, 75, covered his house with swastikas in a dedication to the Nazi leader.

Third Reich insignia adorns every wall, a giant red Nazi banner hangs from a tree in the garden and the chimney is decorated with a swastika and the words ‘Mein Kampf’ written in Dutch.

The Hitler-loving pensioner even renamed his house in the town of Keerbergen in the Flemish province of Brabant as ‘Het Adelaarsnest’ or The Eagle’s Nest.

The name is a tribute to Hitler’s Eagle Nest base, Kehlsteinhaus, which stands atop a rocky outcrop near the town of Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps of south-eastern Germany.

George Boeckstaens, 75.

But Boeckstaens’ bizarre hobby is set to land him in trouble after public prosecutors launched an investigation which could lead to him being charged with violation of Belgium’s holocaust denial laws.

It could see the pensioner being jailed for up to a year if he is convicted but he is adamant that he has done nothing wrong.

Boeckstaens insisted: ‘I’m doing no harm to anyone. I have no criminal record. If they want to lock me up they should just do it.’

He said he believed it was normal to admire the Nazis as ‘in the 1930s everyone was hysterical about Hitler’.

Boeckstaens added: ‘It is important for our society that we get to know more about Hitler. I read every book about the Third Reich.

I only say what is written in there as I don’t know more. But by reading all those books I became a fan of Hitler somehow.’

Indeed. The more you learn about Hitler, the more you like him.

The prosecutors are pursuing a contorted angle. They’re claiming this pensioner puts pamphlets in the trees of his property and that those pamphlets are visible from outside the property, and since they have anti-Semitic messages written on them, that is somehow a crime and he must be punished.

It’s clear that they want to send the message that liking Hitler is punishable by law, and they want to make this man an example of that.

Until mind-reading technology is widespread and they can perform regular scans for Hitler sympathizers, these scare tactics is what they have to work with to prevent the goyim from knowing.

If the goyim were to know, they’d become fans of Hitler, and if they’d become fans of Hitler, the Holocaust would really happen.

What’s really disturbing though is that white people in white people’s countries can’t mock foreigners. How insane is that? In our own countries we’re not allowed to hurt the feelings of people that have nothing to do with our countries and nothing to do with us.

The only people they want us to hate is ourselves. They promote it and they encourage it. We have to stop that.

We have to take back everything that’s ours.

We have to take control.